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Are legitimate? Is it a fraud? Scam Detector analyzed this website and awarded it a moderate trust score on our graph. We gathered 53 factors to reveal high-risk activity and determine whether is genuine. Let’s examine it and its eCommerce business by conducting a thorough review. It will also teach you how to identify and block fraudulent websites, and what you can do in the event that you’ve already lost your money.

Below, we explain the reasons got this score. Go through the review and inform us what you’ve experienced using this website via the comment section.

Are a scam? Share Your Experience

How did you discover this particular company or page? Online ads, suspicious Facebook advertisements, Instagram, email? You can assist many people by submitting a comment below.. Are you sure that an e-commerce scam? If you have interacted with this site how do you think it deserves? Do share your experiences in the comments below by writing a review.


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This’s business is a part of the very popular eCommerce business, but we have some concerns. We attempted to extract some information from the site to find out what they have to say about themselves. This is the conclusion: Review

It is reported that the Scam Detector website Validator gives moderate trust scores in the system: 55.5. This indicates that the company is best described by the following tags for active. Medium-Risk..

We are confident in our score because we collaborate with other high-tech fraud-prevention businesses that discovered the same problems. Why is this score is so low? We arrived at the 55.5 score using 53 aggregated variables relevant to’s business. The algorithm found high-risk activity in connection with spamming, phishing and other issues that are listed within the Active. Medium-Risk. tags above.

In the end We still have some issues with this website. However, let’s discuss it in greater depth.

Social analysis

We did not discover any social network links on the website Social networks are a great method of connecting with your customers. This is the reason why all major web stores have links to their social profile. This is why websites with no social media profiles are suspect. isn’t frequented by a lot of users. In some cases this is a normal situation. The online store is a crucial indicator to decide on the interactions with this site.

Proximity to Potentially Harmful Websites

This measure measures the link that is scored on a scale ranging from 1 up to 100. It is a comparison between and other websites that are marked as suspicious. Higher scores indicate the existence of a stronger connection to these shady online websites. It is important to note that website owners may not realize their website’s closeness to these bogus websites or platforms. However an “Proximity to Suspicious Websites” score that is higher than 80 indicates an extremely risky website, whereas the score of less than 30 indicates less of a threat to the site.

Risk Factors: Threat, Phishing, Malware, and Spam

These indicators highlight the weaknesses and the underlying elements within HTML codes of They are particularly relevant when the site has received complaints from people who’ve received unwelcome emails, advertisements or other messages that are related to the website. With regard to Our investigation is still in the search for the right class, but we’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below.

An extremely high Malware score usually indicates the presence of malicious code which could be accidentally disseminated. A high Spam score suggests the possibility of a spam-ridden email address that is associated with the company. Scores below 30 for both of these categories are encouraging however, any score exceeding this level should be a cause for concern. is a risky site due to all the dangers and data figures that are analyzed in this comprehensive review. Let us know your experiences by leaving a comment.

Domain Blacklisting Status

This is a way to determine if has been listed on any directories’ blacklists, and received a suspicious label.

Assessing HTTPS Connectivity

This section will provide information on the possibility that displays an’s after the HTTP protocol that appears in the address bar of your browser. If the tab appears in green, it’s an indication of good faith.

Safe Check

We would like our trust scores and ratings to be as precise as we can so that you are protected against fraud on the internet. Our algorithm is a combination of elements that are able to efficiently evaluate websites which is, in this instance,

Let’s now examine some effective strategies to prevent fraud.

How To Report Online Retail Scams: FTC

Are you interested in knowing how to make a complaint about or any other online scammers? Contact The Federal Trade Commission and fill the form. You can also note details of suspect websites as well as individuals listed in the comment section below. This will assist many potential victims.

Are you the owner of

If you are the owner of We would like to speak with you. If you’d like to challenge the review and score on trust We are eager to take a more thorough investigation, but make sure to provide evidence of your company. Be sure to introduce yourself first (your name and but not “Admin”). The majority of consumers are educated. They are generally skeptical of websites that do not provide transparency like the physical location of the company or team, or any other physical presence.

If domain owners reach us to dispute the trust score of their site through our site Validator We’d like to request that they share a few of the following:

* Information from their network that prove that they are completely reliable (certificate of incorporation and company registration, documents with their name as the company or website as well as other documents. ).

Personal profiles on LinkedIn and their social media profiles for the business’s on Facebook.

* If possible, a few photos or proof of clients who are satisfied (not reviews on their website) and proof of stock, cancellation of orders at the time of request, etc. ). technical analysis

In our most recent detection, was found to be a brand new website founded just 10 days ago. This is a warning in our security evaluation. It’s a pattern seen in many scam websites. They tend to be designed and put in immediately use to carry out fraudulent activities. The short time between the creation of a website and its launch raises doubts about its credibility. This is because scammers usually set up new websites rapidly to launch their deceitful actions before they are caught and closed. We suggest users take extreme caution and perform an extensive investigation prior to interacting with since the site’s recent creation could indicate possible risks.

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