Is Legit?

Are legitimate? It’s definitely questionable. If you intend to conduct business through this website be cautious because it scored a medium score on our table. We analyzed 53 important factors to reveal the risky activity and determine whether is a fraud. Let’s examine it and the Web Browsing industry through an extensive review. Learn how to identify and block fake websites and what to do if you’ve already lost your money.

We will explain in the following paragraphs the reason was awarded this trust score. After you have read, share how you found this website and leave a note in our comments. Review

We are confident in our score because we cooperate with other high-tech fraud-prevention businesses that discovered the same problems. What is the reason for this score is so low? We arrived at the 50.70 score using 53 elements that pertain to’s business. The algorithm detected risky activities linked to spamming, phishing, as well as other aspects mentioned within the Questionable. Minimal Doubts. Controversial. tags above.

Short story short We recommend taking care when using this site. However, let’s go over the information in more details.


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Kongkom Overview

Kongkom is a site that provides information and resources that relate to gaming, technology and entertainment.


Kongkom is an organization that is specialized in presenting limited-time promotions on bicycles. They offer bikes at reduced costs for a short period only. If you’re a casual cyclist or an avid cyclist Kongkom offers a wide range of choices that will meet your requirements. Don’t not miss out on their great deals and buy an exciting new bike from Kongkom now!



There are a variety of bicycles available to be sold including mountain bikes, road bikes and city bicycles.


A variety of electronic devices like laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Fashion Items

Fashionable shoes, clothing, as well as accessories for men and women.

Is a Scam? Share Your Experience

How did you come across this particular company or page? Online ads, suspicious Facebook advertisements, Instagram, email? Help a lot of people today by leaving a comment below.. Are you sure that is a fraud? If you’ve had a relationship on this site how would you rate it? Do share your experiences in the comments below by writing a review.

Let’s take a look at some of the most effective fraud prevention strategies. Web Browsing

Since is part of the Web Browsing niche, we assessed the credibility of the claim. We have a few doubts. We have tried to extract a few information from the site to determine what they are saying about themselves. This is the conclusion:

Promotions for companies, limited-time specials. bicycles

Find out more about the reasoning behind our scoring for below.

Proximity to Potentially Harmful Websites

This metric measures the relationship measured on a scale of one to 100, that is between and websites that are deemed suspicious. The higher scores suggest the existence of a stronger connection with these suspect online sites. It is important to note that website owners might not realize their website’s closeness to these bogus servers or platforms. However an “Proximity to Suspicious Websites” score of more than 80 strongly suggests an extremely risky website, while scores below 30 indicate a site that is less risky.

About hosting

Cloudflare, Inc. is a cloud-based service provider worldwide which provides a range of services that help protect and enhance sites and apps. The company was established on the 9th of September 2009 Matthew Prince, Michelle Zatlyn as well as Lee Holloway, and is located at San Francisco, California.

Cloudflare’s services comprise Content delivery networks (CDN) solutions, DDoS protection, web application firewall (WAF) and secured sockets layer (SSL) security. These services improve the performance of websites, guard from cyber-attacks and protect the security and privacy of data provided by users.

Risk Factors: Threat, Phishing, Malware, and Spam

These indicators highlight the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of those in HTML software of They are particularly relevant when the site has received complaints from people who’ve received unwanted emails, ads or other messages relating to the website. Within the context of Our investigation is in the search for the right type of website, however, we’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below.

An extremely high Malware score typically indicates the presence of malicious code which could be accidentally disseminated. A high Spam score suggests the possibility of a spam-ridden email address belonging to the business. Scores below thirty in each category are encouraging but any score above the threshold of 30 should cause concern. is a shady website, considering all the dangers and that are analyzed in this comprehensive review. Let us know your experience with us in your comments.

Are you the owner of

If you are the owner of We would like to talk with you. If you’d like to contest this review or trust score We are eager to take a more thorough review, but you must be able to present a solid evidence of your company. First, please introduce yourself (your name and or “Admin”). The majority of consumers are aware. They generally don’t believe in websites that don’t provide transparency, for example, the physical location of the company team, location of the office, or other physical presence.

If domain owners contact us to contest the credibility score of their website via our Website Validator We would like to ask them to provide some of the following:

* Information from their network that prove that they are totally reliable (certificate of incorporation or company registration, documents that show that the business’s name is on the business or website and the name of the business, etc. ).

Personal profiles on LinkedIn and their social media profiles for the company’s on Facebook.

* If possible, a few photos or proof of clients who are satisfied (not reviews on their website) Proof of stock, rescheduling orders upon request, etc. ).

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