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Is legit? Is it a fraud? Scam Detector analyzed this website and awarded the site a medium trust rating in our table. We gathered 53 elements to identify high-risk activities and determine whether is genuine. Let’s take a look at the site and the Dogecoin market by conducting a thorough review. It will also teach you how to identify and block fake websites and what to do if you’ve already lost your money. Review

The Scam Detector website Validator gives moderate trust scores in the form of 58.9. This indicates that the company is best defined using the following tags that are: Active. Medium-Risk..

We are confident of our score because we cooperate with other high-tech fraud-prevention businesses that discovered the same problems. What’s the reason for this score? We calculated the 58.9 score from 53 factors relevant to’s business. The algorithm identified high-risk activities in connection with spamming, phishing as well as other aspects mentioned within the Active. Medium-Risk. tags above.

In the end There are still warning signs with this site. However, let’s discuss it in greater depth. Dogecoin

It is true that’s business is linked to an industry that is well-known for its Dogecoin however, we have some concerns. We attempted to extract a few material from the site to determine what they are saying about themselves. Here’s our conclusion:

This site is not well-designed and does not contain any metadata elements which could enhance the online visibility of its website. In the end, it’s not credible and it suggests that its reliability is at risk for questioning. When they make improvements to their back-ends, we’ll make sure to update this info.


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About DogeVerse

A supernova that collapsing spawned a baby, Cosmo the Doge was born with the ability to jump across the space between stars in the crypto-universe. His time-tested journeys across Ethereum as well as Solana changed into the Doge Meme into an emblem of creativity and unity which led to the creation of the Dogeverse. Today, Cosmo has discovered a method to share his experience of chain-travel to let holders of the $DOGEVERSE token freely move around the most popular cryptocurrency chains. Cosmo is a true gentleman.

Dogeverse is the initial Doge Meme token built on an interconnected multichain network that includes Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Solana, Avalanche and Base. Welcome to an interconnected network of dog lovers where rewards, community and fun come together. Take your $DOGEVERSE tokens to Ethereum to earn rewards that are passive and build up your wallets throughout the meme season.

Cosmo strives to unify all crypto-memes, and to stand as a leader in multichain utility. Cosmo is one of the very first Doge Meme to launch with six different blockchains, Cosmo’s primary goal is to have his name in the spotlights of every DEX and CEX and everywhere where meme degens gather. With a keen eye on interstellar convergence Cosmo introduces a multichain aspect to the concept of trends on DEXTools.

What is the reason why its trust rating of very low?

The website seems to be an online fraud. Here are the main reasons for this:

1. False Claims: This site is a sham about the potential value and value of the token $dogeverse. For instance, it states that 1 $dogeverse equals to $0.000295 and is therefore highly speculation and is not based on any reliable financial analysis.

2. Insufficient Credible Information: The site does not have reliable information regarding the people who are behind this project as well as the tech utilized as well as the actual value of the token $dogeverse. This is a typical warning sign of scams involving cryptocurrency.

3. High Token Supply The website describes the total quantity of around 200,000,000,000 that is quite high and could be an indication of a pump-and-dump plan.

4. Multichain Claims: The website states that the $dogeverse token was created on Ethereum and is able to be stored, claimed and traded on blockchains by the bridging technology. This is an intricate and unique characteristic for a meme coin and raises doubts regarding its technical viability.

5. Insufficient Regulatory Compliance The website is not providing any information about compliance with regulations or legal status This is a major issue in the cryptocurrency industry.

6. Pre-sales are overemphasized The website is heavily promoting the pre-sale for the token $dogeverse, which is a typical tactic used by scams to attract the first investors before dispersing the money.

7. Vague Map: The map that is available on the site is unclear and doesn’t provide any specific details regarding the project’s progress and the specific milestones.

8. Unrealistic Tokenomics: The distribution of funds as well as the distribution of tokens listed on the website might not be sustainable or realistic for a legitimate venture.

9. Insufficient Transparency A absence of transparency in the operation of the project, its governance, and decision-making process.

10. A Generic Disclaimer: This disclaimer that appears at the bottom of the site is a generic document and does not offer any security or recourse to investors.

It is essential to be extremely cautious when working with projects such as Always undertake thorough research, get independent financial advice and be cautious about risky investments, particularly within the cryptocurrency market.”

Proximity to Potentially Harmful Websites

This measure measures the link that is scored on a scale of one to 100 and between and websites that are deemed suspicious. The higher scores indicate a stronger connection with the sites that are deemed to be suspicious. It’s important to remember that site owners may not always know about their website’s connection to these suspect servers or platforms. However the “Proximity to Suspicious Websites” score that is higher than 80 indicates an extremely risky website, whereas the score of less than 30 indicates a site that is less risky.

Risk Factors: Threat, Phishing, Malware, and Spam

These indicators highlight the weaknesses and the underlying elements within these elements in the HTML software of They are particularly relevant when the site has received feedback from users who have encountered unwanted emails, ads or other messages relating to the website. With regard to the investigation is trying to determine the exact area, however we’d like to hear your feedback in the comments below.

An extremely high Malware score typically indicates the presence of malicious code which could be accidentally disseminated. In contrast, a high Spam score suggests the possibility of a spam-ridden email address that is associated with the company. Scores below thirty in each category can be reassuring but any score above the threshold of 30 should cause concern.

Is a Scam? Share Your Experience

How did you come across this particular company or page? Online ads, suspicious Facebook advertisements, Instagram, email? You can assist many people by letting us know your thoughts in the comments below.. Are you sure that is a fraud? If you’ve had a relationship on this website how do you think it deserves? Do share your experiences in the comments section below, by leaving an online review.

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