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Your trash collection day may be changing soon

80% of consumers in San Antonio may have completely different pickup days beginning on November 7.

SAN ANTONIO — A whopping 80% of San Antonians are about to see their strong waste pickup days change on November 7. 

Solid Waste officers mentioned this gigantic re-shuffling may save $2.6 million {dollars} by making the entire metropolis collection system extra environment friendly. 

Solid Waste supervisor Nick Galus defined the mathematics behind the transfer.

“The cost of a truck is over $400K. If we did not make these changes, we would need to add at least 7 trucks and 8 drivers. The new model requires 15 drivers but no additional trucks. The estimated cost difference of the new model versus the old model is $722,122 versus $3,325,128, respectively so we would expect a potential cost savings of $2,603,006.”

Galus mentioned by spreading out collections over 5 days as an alternative of the normal 4 days, the division is not going to must buy new collection vehicles and they’re going to be capable of save money on extra time with a extra equitable distribution of their workload.

Galus mentioned because the begin of the pandemic, there have been will increase within the quantity of fabric they’re amassing.

“At the height of the pandemic we saw 14% more material that we were collecting. It’s kind of settled down so we’re averaging eight to ten percent more material, but nonetheless, our routes can only collect so much,” Galus mentioned.

Additionally, Galus mentioned, conventional collection routes wanted to be adjusted to accommodate development.  Galus mentioned collection staff, who put in 4 shifts of ten hours, have been routinely working 12 hours or extra.  The extra time prices are increased, and Galus mentioned longer days take a toll on the employees.  

“If they come in for a ten hour shift, we want them to work ten hours, not 12 hours or more,” Galus mentioned, including “We’re trying to make sure that the routes are designed so that they are able to finish up at a reasonable time.”

Consistent customer support is an element as properly.

“If we’re picking up later in the evening, it will confuse the customer because they’ll think we haven’t come by and picked them up, but the reality is the driver is still out there collecting,” Galus mentioned, including “Our goal is to make sure that we have all of our customers serviced before 4:30.”

Most prospects who will see adjustments have in all probability obtained a postcard with up to date info, however anybody who needs to take a look at service for his or her handle can use the New Collection Day Finder Tool here.

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