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FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (WSVN) – There was a wierd sight at a Fort Lauderdale City Commission meeting when a trio of bizarre company stepped up and spoke earlier than lawmakers.

The outlandish look unfolded throughout Tuesday evening’s metropolis fee meeting.

On the agenda was a sanitation situation.

“This item is the second part of solid waste management,” stated a commissioner.

As commissioners mentioned the matter, three women clad from warmth to toe in leather-based and obvious bondage gear walked up.

One of them, her face utterly coated by a masks and a visor however with a gap revealing her mouth, addressed commissioners.

“Good evening, council peoples,” she stated.

The trio had signed up to touch upon the sanitation situation, however that was not the topic that was on their minds.

(*3*) stated the girl. “I do, however, find it interesting that you will spend almost $1 million to hide your secrets down the drain.”

The speaker, who signed in as Mizz Tres Krave, did have a proposal: for metropolis commissioners to build a dungeon.

“Created for us, by us, the taxpayers and voting citizens,” stated the girl. “Do not let this glamorous look distract you from doing your duty to take my demand. I look forward to spanking each and every single one of you at the new esteemed dungeon.”

The commissioners felt compelled to talk about.

“I know there are a couple of different proposed clubs of a variety of natures from a couple of years ago. I thought they were mostly in District 2, though,” stated Commissioner John Herbst.

“Also, we have a lot of things going on in District 2,” stated one other commissioner.

The women’s look spilled over into social media.

A tweet reads, “Where is ‘District 2’? Asking for a friend.”

Residents who reside in District 4 may discover themselves ready in useless for such a dungeon.

“While we in Fort Lauderdale strive to be diverse and all-inclusive, to the best of my knowledge, we currently do not have any dungeons located in District 4 of the city” stated Commissioner Warren Sturman.

7News tried to attain Miss Tres Krave, however she didn’t return the telephone call.

7News has discovered she is related to Krave Nightclub, however apparently, she stated all she had to at Tuesday’s fee meeting.

“You are dismissed,” stated Tres Krave.

“OK, thank you, and happy holidays to you,” stated a commissioner.

The women additionally handed out business playing cards for Krave Nightclub through the meeting.

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