Why was flooding during Hurricane Harvey so dangerous?

One spot in Nederland recorded over 60 inches of rainfall. That is a file for the United States.

HOUSTON — Why was flooding during Harvey so dangerous? A whole lot of rain fell within the Houston space during Hurricane Harvey. One spot in Nederland recorded over 60 inches of rainfall. That is a file for the United States. 

A study in the journal Nature checked out why.

Study finds Houston buildings elevated rainfall

It checked out information from the town of Houston during Harvey and in contrast it to how a lot rain would have fallen if the town and suburbs have been by no means constructed. The research discovered that simply by present the town and its buildings elevated rainfall.

Hot, moist wind hits buildings

That’s as a result of a tropical system is made up of sizzling, moist wind. It blows in from the Gulf of Mexico and when it hits the buildings within the large metropolis that air is compelled up.

When it goes up, it hits colder air condensing into droplets that find yourself falling as rain. So the extra buildings you might have the extra air goes up and the extra rain comes down.

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Study finds pavement prevented rain from being soaked into the bottom

The research didn’t simply lookup it additionally appeared down, in any respect the sprawling growth and pavement that makes up Houston. Those options imply that the rain has nowhere to go.

Pavement impervious to water

Paved areas are impervious to water, so that file quantity of rain couldn’t be soaked into the bottom rapidly spreading floodwaters all through the nation’s fourth largest metropolis.

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