What Phoenix police are doing about recent threats in schools

When Bryan Bender heard his daughters’ college in Phoenix was locked down due to a risk, he tried to stay calm, but it surely was nonetheless distressing, he mentioned, particularly for his kids.

“It’s traumatic for everyone. But I think particularly for the students who are in lockdown and soon realize that this is not a drill and that something is really going on. But they don’t know very much, if anything at all, or just rumors about what was happening,” Bender said. “It was it was definitely traumatic for my two daughters, who are students there.”

The college was locked down for about an hour-and-a-half on Aug. 31 after social media posts and a word describing threats have been discovered. Phoenix police decided there wasn’t a reputable risk on the time and the lockdown was lifted, in line with communication despatched to folks from the college. 

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