What Does The Devil Tarot Card Mean? The Card’s Significance, Explained

When you pull the Devil card in a tarot studying, it’s simple to imagine the worst. Like the Death card, the picture on the Devil from the standard Rider-Waite tarot deck seems fairly unsettling with a big satan standing behind two individuals in chains. Thankfully, as astrologer and tarot reader Clarisse Monahan tells Bustle, there are not any “bad” playing cards in tarot regardless of the popularity of sure playing cards just like the Devil. In truth, there are optimistic messages throughout the card as nicely, and digging deeper into the which means of the Devil card will present you there’s actually nothing to concern.

In tarot, the Devil is the fifteenth main arcana card within the deck. “The Devil is a card of vices and excess, and it can show us what we can be addicted to, whatever that may be,” Monahan says. The Devil is then adopted by the the Tower, which will be interpreted as breaking free from the bonds of the Devil.

“A lot of people gasp when they get this, but it isn’t all bad,” Monahan says. “The Devil card shows us our darkness, but in doing so, also provides the opportunity for a light to shine. So while this card definitely gives off an intense tone, it can also have positive ramifications. For me, this card always reminds me to focus on integrating darkness with light. How can we welcome and embrace the hidden or repressed areas of our psyche instead of hiding it away or feeling shameful of it?”

One of the perfect issues about tarot is that it’s all very personal. There’s no proper or improper technique to do a studying. Some individuals will pull a card and select messages primarily based on the imagery alone. Learning the overall which means behind every tarot card can assist you piece collectively the messages you’re meant to obtain, particularly while you’re first beginning out. With that, right here’s what you must know in regards to the Devil tarot card.

What Does The Devil Tarot Card Mean?

Each card within the tarot has a zodiac counterpart, and the Devil is related to Capricorn. In astrology, earthy Capricorn is thought for being sensible, strategic, and decided. They work onerous, worth safety and have a tendency to place their career above every part else. Because of that, the Devil tarot card is intently related to ambition.

“While of course blind ambition is not healthy, ambition in general can be a good thing to cultivate,” Monahan says. “When we get this card, it is an invitation to think about where we want to go in our professional lives. Where do we want to be seen? What sort of legacy do we want to leave behind? These are some questions to contemplate when you get this card.”

The Devil can also be associated to the Lovers card in tarot. In truth, Stina Garbis, skilled astrologer and psychic, tells Bustle they each share the identical picture, however within the Lovers card there’s an angel blessing the couple. In the Devil card, the lovers are loosely chained whereas the satan sits behind them.

“The loose chains around their necks can easily be removed, signifying one’s desire to live with their passions though they can stop at anytime,” Garbis says. Many instances these “passions” are “obsessions” which might be onerous to interrupt free from like intercourse, money, or a relationship.

What Does The Devil Card Mean When It’s Upright?

When the Devil tarot card is pulled upright, it could possibly characterize vices, addictive conduct, poisonous relationships, and partying. In a love studying, the cardboard can point out a robust sexual attraction between two individuals. However, it’s extra related to a bodily connection over one thing extra deep and significant, Monahan says. If you’re asking about how somebody feels about you, this card may imply they’re not keen on dedication on the time of your studying.

In a career studying, the Devil might be an invite so that you can set objectives and follow them. At the identical time, it additionally “warns against unbridled ambition,” Monahan says.

What Does The Devil Card Reversed Mean?

If pulled in reverse, the Devil card presents some hope. According to Monahan, it could possibly point out being extra in charge of your life, vices and addictions. In career, it may imply that you’ve got extra self-awareness in regards to the quantity of labor you’re doing, so that you’ll be discovering extra stability in your life. In love, it may point out turning a casual relationship into one thing extra dedicated and outlined.


Clarisse Monahan, astrologer

Stina Garbis, skilled astrologer and psychic

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