What Do You Do If You Don’t Have a Tracking Number?

Every package a shipping company sends out is given a specific identification number that you can track until it reaches its destination. It may just look like another set of numbers on the package, but this is the most reliable and speediest way to track your shipment. However, conflicts occur when the courier does not send you one or if you cannot locate it among the vast amount of other shipping information.

Consider this case in point: If you’re getting a parcel delivered by USPS in the mail, you would like to make sure that you’ll know exactly how soon it will arrive. The problem arises if you have already shipped an item but lost the USPS tracking number. It can be frustrating, considering that you cannot find help from the courier in locating your package without the tracking number.

Nevertheless, you don’t have to worry! There are several ways to track parcels without a tracking number, although most couriers or tracking tools will not allow it. So, in the following guest post, we will guide you through these ways. Keep reading and get a head start!

Reach Out or Call The Courier Service’s Customer Support

If a week has passed and the package is still not located, don’t hesitate to contact the courier service’s help desk. If you give them the information on the receipt or in the email confirming the purchase, they can tell you exactly where your package is at the moment and provide you with its status.

Furthermore, you will be able to retrieve a lost tracking number if you had one in the past but misplaced it. Thus, you only have to provide accurate shipment details whenever communicating with the company.

Look Up Other Information From The Receipt

When you purchase a service, you may find that the confirmation email is unnecessary because the tracking number is printed on the receipt you receive. The receipt should have included a tracking number, but you can still contact the company if you can’t find it. The company will be aware of your shipment’s most recent scanning location, which may be in one of the transit locations.

Will an Address or Name Help Me Track My Package?

Maybe you were wondering if you could track a package without a tracking number if you misplaced it or never received one. You’ll likely be disappointed if you’ve lost a package and tried to find it by entering your name or address into a tracking website’s search field. The vast majority of couriers require precise information to search for your order.

Most courier companies assume that most people know your full name but not your address. Suppose delivery services were to implement a system that allowed customers to look up the whereabouts of their packages using the sender’s name. In that case, there is a substantial risk of additional personally identifiable information becoming public.

Hence, the last option is to use this information to contact the customer service representative and request that they look for you in their records using these specifics. As soon as the parcel is shipped, the representative can look you up in their system and give you a tracking number, which they have also received from the courier.

Do couriers permit you to trace the package’s progress without the tracking number?

The good news is that some shipping companies can help you track your package even if you don’t have the number. Since the courier service does not share their tracking information, you will have to rely on them to see where your package is and let you know.

On the other hand, some delivery services, such as the United States Postal Service (USPS), offer a tracking system that lets you view your package’s location. If the package does not arrive, you can submit a search request for missing mail. You’ll need the sender’s address, the receiver’s address, the date you mailed the package, and a detailed description of the contents.

In addition, if you do not have the tracking number for your package, you can still monitor its progress by creating a USPS Informed Delivery Account. You can use it virtually to see what’s in the mail, organize packages, and keep tabs on their whereabouts.


It is helpful to track a package that has been mailed to you so that you know when it has been delivered. You can acquire this information by following the package’s path through the postal system. However, without a tracking number, the process becomes more complicated. As you can see, it doesn’t matter how you lost your tracking number. So long as you follow the steps mentioned above, your package will be located and tracked without any problems.

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