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Video captures Ukrainian drone hitting Russian bombers

Dramatic video captured the second two Russian nuclear bombers had been reportedly blown up in a suspected Ukrainian drone assault at a navy airfield on Monday.

The black-and-white footage obtained by East2West News exhibits a shiny flash on the Engels-1 airbase within the Saratov space of Russia.

Two service members had been wounded within the assault on the 2 classic Tupolev Tu-95 planes — four-engine turboprop strategic bombers, which had been launched in 1952,  the Astra Telegram information channel reported, citing unnamed sources.

There had been no experiences of nuclear contamination within the strike on the planes, often known as Bears, some 460 miles from the Ukrainian border.

The blast set off automobile alarms not less than six miles from the location, the Kyiv Post reported.

Saratov Gov. Roman Busargin confirmed in a press release that an explosion had taken place in Engels.

“I want to assure you…there are no reasons to worry. No part of the civilian infrastructure has suffered damage,” he mentioned.

Night time airfield explosion at an airfield outside Ryazan - reportedly caused by a drone - killed at least 2 people
Ukrainian officers confirmed that the 2 bombers at Engels had been broken and that Russian personnel had been killed.

Ukrainian air pressure spokesman Yuriy Ihnat confirmed that the 2 bombers at Engels had been broken and that Russian personnel had been killed, the Kyiv Post mentioned.

He neither confirmed nor denied the Ukrainian navy’s accountability for the assault.

Anton Gerashchenko, an adviser in Ukraine’s Ministry of Internal Affairs, said on his Telegram channel Monday: “A drone damaged two Tu-95 aircraft, and a fuel truck exploded at an airfield near Ryazan.”

“It is from Engels airbase that the [Russian] fascists launch rocket attacks on Ukraine,” he added.

Russian President Vladimir Putin “was informed about the attacks,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov mentioned Monday.

The Tu-95s have been deployed in non-nuclear assaults on infrastructure in Ukraine throughout the strongman’s ongoing invasion of the nation.

In one other assault, three individuals had been killed and 5 others wounded when a gas truck exploded on the Dyagilevo airbase close to Ryazan, East2West reported.

The VCHK Telegram channel reported that the strike additionally was most likely carried out by a drone.

“There were explosions at the airfields near Ryazan and Engels [where] there is a strategic aviation airfield,” it mentioned. “There was a drone attack in Engels. In Ryazan, it seems, too.”

Since October, the Kremlin has deployed Tu-95 and Tu-160 bombers from Engels to fireside as many as 80 cruise missiles a day at Ukraine’s energy grid, the Kyiv Post reported.

On Nov. 23, Engels-based bombers devastated Ukraine’s energy grid and left tens of hundreds of thousands of residents with out energy for as much as three days.

On Friday, Ukrainian information retailers reported that Russia had as many as 20 strategic bombers at Engels and was planning to launch extra strikes in 48 to 72 hours, in accordance with the paper.

One Russian navy blogger was furious that the Kremlin’s air protection command was apparently unable to guard the airport from being hit by a low-cost drone.

“They (the West) are laughing. Really, can you imagine how loud the laughter is in the military staffs in America?” Sinyaya Boroda wrote, the Kyiv Post reported.

“The strategic nuclear forces of Russia can be bashed by cheap drones. The strategic nuclear forces of Russia aren’t protected by anything. The strategic nuclear forces of Russia are helpless,” Boroda added.

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