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USAF Center of Excellence trains aircrew in fundamentals, inaugurates new altitude chamber

SAN ANTONIO – The Career Enlisted Aviator Center of Excellence is the place enlisted aviators are educated in all the things from aircrew fundamentals on aerodynamics to security procedures in flight, and a vital half of the coaching contains an altitude chamber, as a technique to measure a scholar’s physiological response to altitude.

“Our primary goal with the chamber is to teach them about hypoxia, which is the lack of oxygen to the brain caused by low pressure and not being able to pull enough oxygen molecules into your lungs because there’s less density of oxygen at altitude,” mentioned Cameron Chisolm, an aerospace physiology technician, SSgt, USAF.

The chamber can maintain as much as 18 folks and is one of 10 nationwide.

“So, our enlisted aviators are a vital member of the crew. They typically will go to the other chambers and we have this here for them now. So, this is dedicated entirely to the enlisted training pipeline mission at the three for 40 hours,” mentioned Elizabeth Combs, Maj. USAF.


And not solely is the Air Force’s Center of Excellence chargeable for coaching college students to effectively transport cargo, but in addition supplies in-flight consolation to passengers, for distinguished guests touring all around the world.

“We are training future flight attendants who will be going off to fly with our nation’s top leaders to include the Vice President, Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, flying anywhere and everywhere,” Kaylee Northcutt, TSgt, USAF mentioned.

Air Force flight attendants bear three totally different blocks of coaching, together with plane orientation, meals prep and presentation.

“And then our last block is emergency procedures, where they learn to egress in aircraft. So, our standard school day is about 7:30 a.m. to 16:30 in the afternoon. It is a 25-day course, so it goes by fast. We throw a lot of information out at them, but they handle it well,” Northcutt mentioned.

So, whether or not it’s plane loadmasters, flight attendants or airborne mission methods operators, consideration to element is paramount.

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