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Woman reunites with bartender who saved her from creep

She had a (bar)tender reunion with her hero.

The Florida girl saved from a lecherous creep by a quick-thinking bartender who handed her a notice disguised as a receipt reunited with her now-viral white knight — and gave him a giant hug.

“Reunited w/ the legend himself #maxthebartender back @ the scene of the crime 😂🎥📸,” Trinity Allie wrote alongside a photo of her cuddling drink-slinger Max Gutierrez for an Instagram picture.

“So good to see you!” Gutierrez advised her as he embraced her and lifted her up when she arrived for the get-together on the St. Petersburg bar he works at, “No Vacancy.”

Allie told WFLA — which filmed the reunion — that Gutierrez was her hero for the way in which he pretended to slide her a bar tab when she was unable to shake an undesirable creep.

Trinity Allie reunited with bartender Max Gutierrez, who helped save her from a creep.
Trinity Allie reunited with bartender Max Gutierrez, who helped save her from a creep.

Instead of a receipt, he handed a notice saying, “If this guy is bothering you, put your ponytail on your other shoulder, and I will have him removed. He’s giving me the creeps.”

“No bartender has ever stepped in for me and that’s why I thought it was so great and everyone should hear about it,” Allie stated of posting the picture of Gutierrez and his notice earlier this month.

“Everyone is like, we need more bartenders like this,” she stated of her story going viral.

Max Gutierrez shows the note, disguised a receipt, that he passed to Trinity Allie.
Max Gutierrez reveals the notice, disguised a receipt, that he handed to Trinity Allie.

“You never know what could have happened … Say he didn’t step in and this guy followed me and my friend out when we left,” she stated.

Gutierrez, in the meantime, stated he was shocked at how his quick-thinking discovered him infamy the world over, with messages from Brazil, the Netherlands and the UK.

“I see all the ‘hero bartender’ [messages] — I’m not a hero,” Gutierrez insisted to WFLA. “I was just doing my job.”

Trinity Allie reunited with bartender Max Gutierrez
Trinity Allie advised the native information that Max Gutierrez was her hero amid their reunion.

His boss, “No Vacancy” proprietor Stephen Schrutt, advised the outlet that he hoped different bar workers will now “take a page out of Max’s book.”

“This is what it’s about — you’re not just selling food and drinks, you’re making sure people are safe,” he stated.

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