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Unseasonable warmth has folks reveling in the solar, but temperatures are set to crumble

NEW YORK – It’s day three of record-breaking warmth throughout the Tri-State Area – and that is a wrap. 

Temperatures will crumble Monday evening, and we face a seasonable day Tuesday. 

CBS2’s Vanessa Murdock came upon if New Yorkers are prepared for the drop. 

People have been having fun with the unseasonable warmth and unfiltered sunshine in Tarrytown. 

“I love it. It’s fabulous,” mentioned Pamela Giordano. “I feel like I should be at the pool.” 

Enjoying the view, catching up on dialog, or having fun with lunch al fresco, the climate served up no interference. 

“It’s beautiful,” mentioned Rodman Rosenberger. 

Across the mighty Hudson in Nyack, skate boarders tackled ramps and hills. One wore a beanie and sweatshirt. John Quirk determined the warmth warrants bearing extra. 

“It’s a little crazy that is 70 right? Almost 80,” Quirk mentioned. 

“Perfect weather. You can wear shorts, no heavy jacket,” Tanya Cooper mentioned. 

“It’s going to be about 20 degrees colder tomorrow,” Murdock mentioned. 

“I don’t want to know that, I’m not ready for that,” Cooper mentioned. 

“I didn’t know that,” mentioned Jaiden Dunn.

“We’re ready. I have my down coat, but it’s just sitting there,” Giordano mentioned. 

“I’ll be back, probably wearing a shirt, too,” Quirk mentioned. 

These temperature swings are commonplace in fall. The heat air is not prepared to launch its grip, and the chilly air needs management. And, is about to get it.  

No worries for Maria Pederson. She shares climate has little bearing whether or not or not she launches her kayak each day, with one exception. 

“You can’t go out when it’s frozen. Your paddles will ice up,” Pederson mentioned. 

Speaking of ice – we’re not there, but. 

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