Truck carrying migrants in San Antonio may have been cloned

KHOU 11 Investigates talked to a Texas trucking company that claimed somebody stole its identification numbers and put them on the truck discovered in San Antonio.

The tractor-trailer carrying the migrants in San Antonio may have been cloned.

KHOU 11 Investigates talked to the proprietor of a South Texas trucking company who claimed somebody stole his federal and state identification numbers and put them on the truck discovered exterior of San Antonio.

The truck has been making headlines since Monday night. It has particularly caught Felipe Betancourt, Jr.’s eye in Alamo, Texas.

“It’s sad, you know, just knowing how many people died inside that truck,” Betancourt mentioned.

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Bentancourt despatched KHOU 11 cellular phone video displaying how strikingly comparable the truck discovered in San Antonio is just like the one his father makes use of to ship merchandise for his company Betancourt Trucking and Harvesting.  He notes, although, that there’s one large distinction.

“That truck does not belong to us. I know that wasn’t my truck because my truck’s been here in the valley running grain and sorghum since last Friday,” Betancourt mentioned.

The truck in San Antonio is identical coloration and has the identical figuring out numbers from the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Texas Department of Transportation.

The duplication is called cloning. 

CEO of the Texas Trucking Association John Esparza says it’s an actual downside.

“There’s been a rash of these cloning activities. I know roughly 73% of these cases, as far as cloning goes, are passenger vehicles,” Esparza mentioned.

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Esparza mentioned like with VINs, technology is making it simpler to do.

“It seems to me that if it’s on the rise that more and more people are figuring out how to do that. With things occurring out there, you have to be more concerned that this will happen again, and we’ve got to raise awareness over what has occurred,” Esparza mentioned.

With the exception of updating their registration numbers, there may be not a lot that truckers can do to guard themselves, Esparza mentioned. 

Betancourt says the ordeal is irritating and worrisome.

“I mean, nobody has spoken to us about that. We are not worried about the investigation. We have nothing to hide. We welcome any law enforcement, anybody that wants to speak to us. We’re willing to cooperate with them,” Betancourt mentioned.

Betancourt believes his truck’s identification numbers may have been cloned throughout a cargo to Laredo final week.

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