Transcript: Ukrainian Ambassador Oksana Markarova on “Face the Nation,” Sept. 11, 2022

The following is a transcript of an interview with Ukrainian Ambassador to the U.S. Oksana Markarova that aired Sunday, Sept. 11, 2022, on “Face the Nation.”

MARGARET BRENNAN: And we’re joined now as soon as once more by Ukraine’s Ambassador to the United States Oksana Makarova. Madam Ambassador, good morning to you. An unbelievable previous few days on your nation. I ponder as you may have this progress, if concern is rising that Russia will resort to extra brutality to answer the success Ukraine has had?

AMBASSADOR OKSANA MARKAROVA: Well, our 200 days fall on the September 11. And we all know this ache and we really feel this ache in Ukraine. We understand how is it when terrorists assault you at dwelling. So we at all times must remember that Russia nonetheless can do numerous injury. But we haven’t any different selection, we are going to advance. As we stated earlier than, we is not going to give up. And we are going to liberate all Ukraine, as a result of that is what we have now to don’t solely to revive our territorial integrity, however to save lots of all of our people who find themselves below occupation. And we see from the footage from greater than 1,200 sq. miles, which have been liberated throughout the previous,

actually eight days, the most- quick counter offensive since the World War Two. We see how they’re meeting and greeting our armed forces. And we additionally sadly, see already the indicators of the brutal conflict crimes which have been dedicated there, no completely different from what we noticed after we liberated the Kyiv Oblast. So we have now to win and this counter offensive exhibits that we are able to win. And we’re repeating the success that we had in the Kyiv Oblast. 

MARGARET BRENNAN: Retired General Ben Hodges advised our David Martin that Ukraine’s army may push Russia again to the borders that existed pre-February twenty fourth, when the invasion occurred, and that might occur earlier than the finish of the year. Do you agree with that timeline?

AMB. MARKAROVA: Again, this operation was potential due to the resolve of the armed forces, as a result of our commanding- commanders from the President, to each commander in the battlefield, so dedicated to the victory, but additionally as a result of 40 million of Ukrainians help on this effort and combating for- for our nation. But extra importantly, as a result of our companions have elevated all the help, and we’re getting increasingly of the weapons and the gear that’s so wanted for that. So after all, we wish to liberate all Ukraine, as quickly as potential, to cease the struggling of the individuals and to revive our sovereignty. But whether or not it will likely be potential earlier than the finish of the year, we- we’re able to do it earlier than the finish of the year and hopefully, we could have the whole lot we want to take action. 

MARGARET BRENNAN: The Biden administration made some bulletins of additional help: $2.2 billion and long-term army financing for Ukraine and its neighbors, this was simply in the previous week. $675 million bundle of heavy weapons. Your Foreign Minister tweeted this morning, that now it is about ‘schedule, schedule and schedule’. So you are getting these pledges, is there a grievance it isn’t arriving quick sufficient? 

AMB. MARKAROVA: We haven’t any complaints. If you take a look at August and September, we see that the bulletins are very common and we’re getting numerous bulletins on a weekly foundation. We additionally see, and it is essential, and it has been a spotlight of this Secretary Blinken’s go to to Kyiv, that we’re not solely speaking about what is critical proper now for us to win in the present day, however we’re more and more discussing the long-term help and the whole lot that we want as a way to build what we name the enduring strengths. So the USA bundle that was introduced, $3 billion that was introduced in- on the Independence Day, and the $2.2 billion out of which about $1 billion will go to Ukraine in the overseas financing just isn’t solely what we want now, but additionally what we are going to want in the coming months and years so as to have the ability to defend ourselves. 

MARGARET BRENNAN: How for much longer does this conflict final? 

AMB. MARKAROVA: It will final till we win and we undoubtedly would love it to be shorter as a result of the Russians will not be solely attacking us. They’re attacking Europe, the vitality disaster, the meals disaster, the whole lot they’re attempting to create as a way to not solely assault Ukraine, however each democracy that’s along with us combating for the democracy now. So the quicker we do it, the quicker we are going to return to rebuilding and renovating our nation but additionally to some form of regular life in Europe and globally. 

MARGARET BRENNAN: How ought to individuals perceive what is going on now with the nuclear reactor in Ukraine?

AMB. MARKAROVA: The state of affairs is completely unacceptable from any sort of worldwide standpoint. The Russian Armed Forces that should not be in Ukraine in the first place, and undoubtedly should not be at the nuclear plant which is the largest nuclear plant in Europe, are placing in peril the lives not solely of Ukrainians, but additionally the complete area by being there and doing the issues that–

MARGARET BRENNAN: But shutting down the reactor, does that avert disaster? 

AMB. MARKAROVA: Well, this is- this is- we’re attempting the whole lot potential and Ukrainians who’re there at the station, regardless of of the reality that they are there, below the weapons all the time, attempting to do the whole lot potential to reduce the dangers. So we’re pressured to do it, we’re pressured to close it down. It’s not an entire decision, the full decision is for Russians to get out, to implement the suggestions of the IAEA and to demilitarize the plant, which implies that Russians ought to depart. That will carry their security. But in the meantime, once more, the Ukrainian personnel there may be doing the whole lot potential as a way to avert any sort of catastrophes. 

MARGARET BRENNAN: The final time you have been right here in April, you advised us that there have been roughly 91,000 Ukrainian kids who had been taken from their households and introduced into Russia. Has there been any progress in bringing them dwelling? You requested for the US to assist with this.

AMB. MARKAROVA: We are asking everybody and sadly was this– happily with the counter offensive, however we see already that in the counter offensive Russians try to maneuver extra children from the territories which have been liberated previous to deliberations to Russia. So this situation of figuring out and discovering each kids that Russian stolen from us and return them again safely remains to be one in all the prime priorities. And hopefully, after we win, we will get all of them again.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Very shortly. Should we count on your president to return to the United Nations in the coming days in-person? Can he depart? 

AMB. MARKAROVA: Well, all of it relies upon on the state of affairs on the floor. So we can not say something proper now. But hopefully we will have extra excellent news from Ukraine and extra territories to return dwelling. 

MARGARET BRENNAN: That can be vital. Thank you, Madam Ambassador. We’ll be proper again in a second.

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