Transcript: New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu on “Face the Nation,” Nov. 6, 2022

The following is a transcript of an interview with New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu that aired Sunday, Nov. 6, 2022, on “Face the Nation.”

MARGARET BRENNAN: And we go now to New Fields, New Hampshire and that state’s Republican governor, Chris Sununu, who’s up for re-election on Tuesday. Welcome again to the broadcast. Governor, our public polling that we’re taking a look at signifies that you simply’re more likely to maintain the governor’s seat after Tuesday. Back in 2021, you canceled your personal inauguration because of safety threats. You’ve personally skilled the menace of political violence. I’m questioning how involved are you on this second now? And will you maintain an inauguration when you win once more?

NEW HAMPSHIRE GOVERNOR CHRIS SUNUNU: Yeah. So a few issues. Obviously, with- with Speaker Pelosi and what occurred lately, I believe that’s type of wanting at- everybody’s type of taking a look at what this political violence is, is on each side. It’s all over the place. The warmth is just too excessive all throughout America. Good management brings that down. I’ll be holding my inauguration absolutely plan to take action. But once more, we received to, as leaders, deliver the temperature down. It’s okay to disagree, however at the finish of the day, you bought to have the ability to transfer ahead. And we absolutely plan to do this right here in New Hampshire.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Okay. I need to come again to that matter in a second. But first, inflation is high of thoughts. New England is going through its highest vitality prices in additional than 25 years. Could be a chilly winter. Your largest utility in the area is asking the White House to arrange emergency measures to stop a pure fuel scarcity this winter. What what’s the federal response been to this point? And are you at the state stage ready for what may very well be a security menace?

GOV. SUNUNU: Yeah, I’ll say the federal response to this point has- has been very underwhelming. All the governors received on the telephone lately, a few month in the past with the secretary of vitality and tried to speak about what these alternatives have been when it comes to growing pure fuel. New England is actually at the finish of the line for pure fuel, proper? All of our pure fuel comes by way of Albany. And in earlier years, if there was a excessive demand or a giant chilly snap, people come residence, they flip their warmth on. The Marcellus Shale would improve manufacturing. But nobody’s incentivized to do this. There’s no- no alternative to do this proper now. And I believe that is the place numerous the utilities and rightly so, are telling this administration. You’ve put insurance policies in place. It’s having a really drastic impact on vitality and gas oil costs at this time and certain is simply going to worsen. So we have to see one thing throughout New England. There’s nothing political about vitality costs. Right. But when you might have all the capacity in the world to supply your personal fuels and refuse to do it, clearly people in New England are fairly annoyed.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Well, there’s report manufacturing proper now, as you recognize. But it is a very actual drawback. 

GOV. SUNUNU: Yes. And due to the Jones Act, as a result of and due to the Jones Act, that’s this antiquated 100 year outdated union pushed coverage that President Biden refuses to eliminate, we’ve very minimal alternative to deliver pure fuel from even elements of our personal nation and land it proper right here in- in New England. So it isn’t simply New Hampshire, it is Massachusetts, it is Maine. It’s all of those states which are which are feeling report excessive costs as a result of, once more, we have shut down pure fuel crops. We’ve disincentivized fossil fuels. It’s- look, all of us need to transition into renewables. And in fact, that is a really good factor to do, nevertheless it should be a transition. This administration went all or nothing. So that is why you see, you-  it take- prices twice as a lot to fill your fuel tank, your gas oil, your vitality costs. And in New England, when it will get chilly, goes to be there’s going to be some actual ache for all of us. And once more, we’re simply asking the administration to reverse a few of these insurance policies, actually, incentivize extra manufacturing and extra pure fuel by way of Albany, New York, to get us what we’d like.

MARGARET BRENNAN: President Biden, in one in all his closing arguments, is framing a variety is defending democracy towards excessive Republicans. Listen.


The excessive MAGA component of the Republican Party, which is a minority, that celebration, as I stated earlier. But is that this driving pressure, is attempting to succeed the place they failed in 2020. To suppress the proper of voters and subvert the electoral system itself.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Do you agree that elements of your celebration are emboldening violence and posing a menace to democracy?

GOV. SUNUNU: Look, what’s stunning to me about all of that is you might have the Democrat Party, which is now utilizing the president of the United States, not as chief of our nation, however chief of their celebration as a political instrument. Right earlier than the election, to drive in, successfully inform half of America that they are too excessive for America. It makes completely no sense and to say–

MARGARET BRENNAN: You assume the MAGA component of the Republican celebration is half of America? Because I would not essentially put you in that half.

GOV. SUNUNU: No. Well, positively not. But once more, to say that that extremism belongs in a single celebration and it would not seem in the Democrat Party is- is nonsensical. Nobody buys that–

MARGARET BRENNAN: You’re saying the celebration is all one now? 

GOV. SUNUNU: –because we see it on each side. 

MARGARET BRENNAN: Unified? That excessive MAGA is a part of the Republican Party’s ideology? 

GOV. SUNUNU: No, no, completely not. 


GOV. SUNUNU: Absolutely not. No. They’re in the absolute minority. But what I’m saying is extreme–

MARGARET BRENNAN: But it appeared like that is what you are implying–

GOV. SUNUNU: No, no, no, no, positively not. Extremism is on each side. And for the president, United States to come back up and be extra of a political instrument versus a uniter. Remember, he received elected as a result of he stated he was going to unite people, not threaten them. He was going to deliver all people collectively and get stuff performed and never polarize this nation, which is precisely what has occurred. 


GOV. SUNUNU: That was not the actuality. Then Democrats would not be in for the impolite awakening they will come- that is going to come back Tuesday. But it’s coming and never due to politics, due to what is occurring in folks’s houses, what’s occurring at their kitchen tables, what’s occurring with attempting to stability a checkbook in. The president has to take numerous duty for that. It’s straightforward to blame- simply blame extremism. But most of us aren’t excessive.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Okay. Well, President former President Donald Trump is anticipated to announce his candidacy for the presidency. CBS is reporting that that may very well be inside a matter of days. What does that do to your celebration? Does anybody have an opportunity of truly beating him in a Republican major?

GOV. SUNUNU: What does it do to our celebration? Nothing. Nothing. It’ll don’t have any impact on something. And I imply that fairly sincerely. First off, saying you are going to run for office between an election and Christmas is a horrible concept. Because one factor I can say for America is we’re all going to be actually completely happy a technique or the different, that the election is over come Tuesday, and everybody’s going to need to take a breath and re-engage with their households and take care of some actually critical points. And then politics, you recognize, actually will get again into the mixture of issues in early 23, whether or not the President Trump decides to run or not, it isn’t going to make any distinction when it comes to the truth that you simply’re nonetheless going to see eight to perhaps even a dozen different candidates soar in the race. He would not maintain anyone out of the race. Right. So it is nonetheless going to be, I believe, on each side. I believe- I do not assume President Biden goes to run once more. I believe on each side of the aisle are going to have perhaps a dozen people over the subsequent 6 to 9 months come out and determine to run.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Well, and your title’s floated as one in all them probably. I do know you are not going to present me an answer to that question proper now, however you probably did flip down the invitation to run for Senate. 


MARGARET BRENNAN: Republican Leader Mitch McConnell has voiced some concern about candidate high quality on this midterm election. You instructed the Washington Examiner that the Republican majority would simply hinder President Biden till 2024. You did not need to be a roadblock for 2 years. You’re setting fairly low expectations for what a Republican majority would truly imply. Is that what we should always anticipate? Just nothing for 2 years, whole gridlock? 

GOV. SUNUNU: No. Look, I believe nicely, I believe each side, each side of the aisle in Washington have set a horribly low expectation for Washington. I imply, give it some thought. They handed a technique or one other, they go a invoice, Republicans or Democrats or each. And we cheer it. It’s alleged to be this nice, nice success as a result of they received one thing performed. It is simply an absolute gridlock mess there on each side of the aisle. So as a governor, I can have a lot extra impression on what is occurring on the floor stage, redesigning techniques, implementing higher psychological well being companies, implementing higher opioid companies, no matter it may be. And that is New Hampshire. And when you spend- anybody who spends greater than 10 minutes in New Hampshire is aware of no longer a simple place to depart. So I simply need to get stuff performed if I’m going to place my household by way of the difficulties of public service and all that comes with it, I’m certain as heck going to get one thing performed. And you are able to do that much more successfully as a governor than you may as a senator or congressman. 


GOV. SUNUNU: Now, management can change that. Leadership in Washington can completely change that on each side of the aisle. And I believe that is what America is searching for.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Alright. Sounds like we’ll be speaking to you once more, Governor. Thank you on your time at this time.

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