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Top Gun Maverick cast and crew loved filming in San Diego County

The long-awaited sequel as soon as once more options San Diego and it is fairly clear that America’s Finest City left fairly a optimistic impression on the cast and crew.

SAN DIEGO — It’s been greater than 35 years since Top Gun hit theaters. It romanticized navy aviation, pushed Tom Cruise to a complete new degree of superstardom, and confirmed off the great thing about San Diego. 

The long-awaited sequel as soon as once more options San Diego and it is fairly clear that America’s Finest City left fairly an impression on the cast and crew who labored on the movie.

From the beautiful sunsets to the solemn majesty of Fort Rosecrans, Top Gun Maverick paints a ravishing image of San Diego photos and locations the individuals who labored on the blockbuster will not quickly neglect.  

Here are some extra ideas about their time in San Diego making the film.

Glen Powell | “This city really opened its arms to us. So much great food, so much great life. And really, that’s what Top Gun is. It’s a celebration of life. And San Diego just has every ounce of that. It’s just I love this city so much.”

Jennifer Connelly | “Just the experience of shooting the movie. We all had a great time working together. It felt like such a privilege as a beautiful town. People were really lovely and friendly and all around and great experience.”

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Jay Ellis | “We really did have an amazing time here. San Diego really opened its arms for us and really took care of us while we were here. While we were filming the movie. I’m sure a ton of people in town knew we were here filming and folks really looked out for us and took care of us and it was really amazing.”

Maverick began taking pictures right here all the best way again in 2019, and they do a very good job making this place look good, whether or not it’s racing alongside a tarmac or enjoying soccer at sundown proper alongside the shoreline. 

Monica Barbaro | “So just being at the beach in Coronado and running in the sun and you know what I mean? It is the texture of our movie. We just love being here. It feels like all of these memories started flooding back to us as we’ve been here all week. And it’s really special.”

Producers Jerry Bruckheimer and tom cruise name the film a love letter to aviation. But if you see high gun maverick, it turns into fairly clear they’ve a giant crush on San Diego. 

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Tom Cruise | “This is a great place to film. It’s a great place to be here on the midway and to be part of this community. I love making top gun here and making maverick was, you know, to have a cast, have that same experience is very special.”

Making Maverick was exhausting work and they obtained the great out whereas they have been right here. 

Glen Powell | “My favorite thing was waking up, literally running past the Midway on the water line every morning.” 

Every morning, Glen Powell got here again together with cast and crew, however this time on the Midway, as a substitute of working by it, the unbelievable purple carpet was on the deck of the celebrated, decommissioned plane provider with North Island, the place they shot a lot of the film, in the background.  

Jon Hamm | “It’s a beautiful place. Getting the chance to be on the USS Teddy Roosevelt was impressive. It was amazing to see the ships coming in every day, to see the aircraft coming in and out every day, and to understand just how much of the military is woven into the spirit of San Diego. It was really nice to see.”

Thank you for making San Diego a part of Top Gun Maverick, greater than 35 years after the primary Top Gun.

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