Top Badminton Moves You Should Know about 

We all watch sports games round the year, in one format or the other. Ranging from football, which is one of the most popular sports, to volleyball, badminton, sports matches provide us with the chance to cheer for our favourite players and teams and get into that sporting community spirit. But, some of us sports enthusiasts are also amateur sports players ourselves. Therefore, this article is here to help all those out who go to clubs or parks every once in a while and indulge in a match or two.

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The following are some of the moves or tricks that you will require if you want to win any badminton match and beat your opponent fair and square:

  • Defensive shot: After learning the basics and getting the hang of the game, it is also essential to know a few tricks to get your best badminton game on. The defensive shot is a trick that comes into use when your opponent has backed you into a corner and you cannot keep your cool with the constant harrying shots. The defensive shot will turn the game in your favour as your opponent will have to respond one way or another. This shot will provide you with enough time to gather your gameplay and get it on;
  • Drive shot: Another powerful shot that can help you win a close match, the drive shot enables you to swing your badminton racket overhead, thereby providing you a semi-offensive move to power punch your opponent. This move makes the shuttle fly over the net swiftly into your opponent’s side of the court, making your opponent change position and most likely not making it;
  • Clear Shot: Swing your racket upwards and make contact with the shuttle and you are all set to get ahead in the game with the clear shot. The shuttle must hit the centre of your racket and bounce high into the air. This will enable you to launch the shuttle into the back of the court. This will force your opponent to move to the very back of the court, providing you plenty of time to get back to the centre of the court and prepare for the next move;
  • Smash: This shot works exactly as the name suggests. The smash is probably one of the most popular badminton moves ever used and known about. When the shuttle is overhead, you can execute the smash flawlessly. It is easy enough. All you need to do is swing the racket and swipe your wrist in the downward direction. This ensures that the shuttle flies low over the net and lands on the other side before the opponent can rush to it, thereby giving you a quick point;

All these moves will get you far. But, to be the best, remember that practice makes a man perfect.

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