Tips to stay warm while saving money

Rolling towels and blankets to block the draft coming from home windows or beneath doorways might make it easier to save money.

HOUSTON — Heating a home isn’t low cost. For each diploma above 68 that you simply set your heater, it will increase your heating price from 3% to 5%.

We recruited Scott Burns from Reliant Energy. He’s the Vice President of Innovation and has some ideas to assist maintain heating prices down. Burns stated it’s a good suggestion to follow what’s generally known as ‘window management.’

“At night we recommend closing your blinds, closing your curtains to really prevent that cold air from coming in through those windows,” Burns stated. “During the day open the blinds and let the radiant sun come in and let that warm your home naturally as opposed to letting the heater do all the work.”

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Burns additionally beneficial rolling towels and blankets to block the draft coming from home windows or beneath doorways. Don’t overlook to change your ceiling fan to the clockwise position so the warm air is pushed again down and helps warmth up the home.  

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Another suggestion is to use plastic wrap or bubble wrap.

“Bubble wrap actually serves as an insulator,” Burns stated. “It’s pretty common in the Northeast to hear people actually tape up plastic on the inside of their windows during wintertime. So if we have bubble wrap or any type of plastic, we can create an air barrier between the outside window and the inside of the house that creates just a little more insulation in order to prevent that cold air from coming in.”

Another tip, after you have completed utilizing the oven, flip it off however depart the door open. That further warmth received’t go to waste because the oven cools down.

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