The reason there are so many mosquitos in San Diego County

Only a bottle cap quantity of water is all it takes for the mosquitoes to breed. The current warmth wave and rain might extend an already pesky mosquito season.

SAN DIEGO — People throughout San Diego are noticing much more mosquitoes exterior currently. Right now, we are in peak mosquito season.


There are a number of causes this year’s mosquito season has been even worse. One reason: the current warmth waves.

“They’ve been in my house a lot more than usual lately,” stated Erick Sliter, resident.

The aedes aegypti mosquito, generally often known as the yellow fever mosquito, shouldn’t be native to California. The pesky species arrived in the area about six to seven years in the past.

‘Ankle biters’

Chris Conlan, ecologist with San Diego County’s Vector Control Program, stated these mosquitoes are exceptionally good at breeding.

“It mainly breeds in small sources of water like any containers that get left out, even some types of plants that hold water in the base,” stated Conlan.

Only a bottle cap quantity of water is all it takes for the mosquitoes to breed. The new invasive blood suckers don’t fly far. They are inclined to hover close to the bottom, and even comply with you inside your private home.

When they chunk, they primarily go for the decrease a part of the physique, which is why they’re typically instances referred to as “ankle biters.”

“The skeeters just go towards my legs and if I’m out at night in the swamp area, they just get torn up,” Brad Parsons.

“This is like the first year where I’ve actually seen a considerable amount of mosquito bites like not in the summer, I wake up with bites all over my shoulders and my legs. it’s ridiculous. we’ve been trying to make like a lot of fly traps at my house, apple cider vinegar, and it’s not even working,” added Sliter.

It’s about to worsen

If the issue wasn’t dangerous already, it’s about to worsen, in accordance with Conlan.

“The other issue too that’s probably going to make this an issue for a while, is the rain we got from the tropical storm about ten days ago or so, cause the mosquitoes that might be produced by the water that was left behind by that storm are probably becoming adults right about now. so it wouldn’t surprise me to see a small bump in complaints,” added Conlan.

Eliminating any supply of water round your own home is the best strategy to take care of the mosquitoes, together with closing all home windows and doorways, or utilizing window screens.

The county lately completed making use of mosquito larvicide to waterways recognized to breed mosquitoes all through San Diego, in an effort to maintain the numbers underneath management.

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