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The Public Theater of San Antonio sets up for historic season

SAN ANTONIO – The Public Theater of San Antonio is again and prepared for a season of pleasure and full reveals.

“People should be excited about musicals, play with music, masterful, masterful performances, and a lot of new offerings that we’re giving this year,” Claudia De Vasco, The Public Theater of San Antonio government inventive director mentioned.

De Vasco mentioned this season shall be historic for the theater and for town of San Antonio.

“On tap right now is “American Mariachi”, which opens Sept. 9, which is the primary present in my inaugural season, the primary season that I used to be in a position to collectively with the group select. And this present is the primary present within the 100-year historical past of the theater to be written by a Latin American playwright. So we’re so excited to be producing it,” De Vasco mentioned.

San Antonio is within the midst of formatting town finances and clearly arts and tradition has a component.

“It is incredibly important, especially as the city starts talking about economic development and economic generation. This theater is the closest thing to a regional theater that we have, regional theater being professional theater. Now, of the top ten largest cities in the country, we’re the only one without one of those and we’re the closest thing to that,” De Vasco mentioned.


De Vasco mentioned this kind of tradition and artwork is a necessity for large cities like San Antonio.

“We need it, especially as we start talking about quality of life, bringing in new businesses, really improving the amenities that this city offers for the people that live here, and creating a creative workforce that can not only be developed in San Antonio, but actually make a home here,” De Vasco mentioned.

If you have an interest within the packages or shopping for tickets, you will discover that data by clicking here.

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