Texas Senate Bill 1’s impact to November election

Senate Bill 1 made modifications to drive-thru voting, 24-hour voting and ballot watchers.

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas — Texas Senate Bill 1, which turned legislation final year, restricts how and when voters cast a poll. Many of you had questions on how that will impact this election.

Will there be drive-thru voting?

Juda requested the VERIFY staff, “Are we allowed to drive-through vote this election?

Our supply for that is the Harris County Elections Administration Office Deputy Director of Communications Nadia Hakim. She explains, SB 1 eliminates drive-through voting, which turned standard in the course of the pandemic, however there might be another choice for many who want it.

“For whatever reason, you have mobility issues, you’re not feeling well, whatever the case may be, there is curbside voting at every single polling location. You just have to look for the blue buzzer that they set up around the entrance and you press that from the comfort of your car,” Hakim mentioned.

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Will there be 24-hour voting areas?

George requested the VERIFY staff, “Will there be a place open around the clock for me to go vote?”

The answer to that is no. Twenty-four-hour voting has been eradicated. SB 1 limits the window by which counties can provide voting, which is 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Will there be ballot watchers?

When you do go to vote, chances are you’ll discover some modifications with ballot watchers.

They are appointed by a political get together or candidate, and so they nonetheless should undergo a coaching and certification course of. But SB 1 provides them extra free reign. 

They at the moment are allowed to “sit or stand near enough to see and hear the activity” at a polling place, however they’re supposed to stand far sufficient so that they don’t intervene with voting.

“The elections administration office cannot remove poll watchers from a location. It’s up to the presiding judge to do so if the presiding judge determines that they are problematic,” Hakim mentioned.

SB 1 additionally set new necessities for serving to voters with disabilities. Those people might be required to fill out a type exhibiting their title, handle, and relationship to the individual they helped cast a poll.

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