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If you’ve got spent any time in any respect as a fan of the “Game of Thrones” universe, you recognize simply how tangled the character webs and household timber can get. That’s particularly the case with regards to the Targaryens, the twisted, intermarried, royal household of dragon-riders whose historical past is being explored within the prequel collection, “House of the Dragon.”

If you are questioning whether or not Daenerys, Jon Snow, or the Mad King shall be in “House of the Dragon,” the answer isn’t any. Based on George R.R. Martin’s e book “Fire and Blood,” the spinoff collection takes place centuries earlier than the occasions that transpire in “Game of Thrones.” It will ultimately recount an period of civil battle among the many Targaryens over a disputed succession to the Iron Throne, although season one has centered on the years main as much as it, filled with messy marriages, deaths, and courtroom intrigue.

To aid you maintain monitor of who’s who because the drama continues to unfold, we’re breaking down an important Targaryens it’s best to learn about. From the primary characters like Rhaenyra, Daemon, and Viserys to a refresher on how the Targaryen dynasty performs into “Game of Thrones” centuries later, maintain this helpful to assist maintain monitor of all the key gamers, together with Viserys and Alicent’s first two youngsters, Aegon and Helaena, who’ve each been born by episode 4.

Targaryen Family Tree

Here’s an outline of your complete Targaryen family tree based on the books (the “Game of Thrones” TV collection makes slight modifications), beginning with Aegon the Conqueror and going all the best way down the road to Jon Snow. (NOTE: Targaryens who didn’t survive to maturity have been omitted from the tree.)

Image Source: HBO, Helen Sloan, Ollie Upton and Photo Illustration: Ava Cruz

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