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DANIA BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) – A ten-year-old boy mentioned he is scared to return to his Dania Beach school as a result of has been bullied and even threatened with a weapon, leaving his mother feeling involved for his security and frustrated with how school officials are dealing with the state of affairs.

The scholar and his mother, Beth Pavon, spoke with 7News on Monday concerning the horrifying moments he has skilled on the campus of Collins Elementary School and the steps she has taken.

“I’m really scared to go to school,” mentioned the boy.

The scholar mentioned the state of affairs has lately escalated.

“He brought a pocket knife. I heard some kid tell me that he was gonna stab me from my throat to my body part, and I don’t know, I started getting really scared,” he mentioned.

The fourth grader mentioned he is scared as a result of that scholar had been bodily with him earlier than.

Pavon mentioned she was shocked when her son advised her concerning the bullying.

“He mentioned, ‘Some little boy slapped me, Mom. He wanted to see how red I turned,’” she said. “They call him cracker, they call him all types of racial words.”

Then, a few weeks later, Pavon said her son informed her about the weapon.

“On Wednesday, my son told me that there was a child at school with a knife,” she said. “I asked him if he got in trouble, and he told me, ‘Yes.” The following day they called me at work, at around 3, to tell me that my son was mentioned by this child that he had [my son] placed on a hit list, him and another child.”

Pavon said she contacted the authorities. Broward Sheriff’s Office detectives are investigating alongside with the school.

“They said it’s a 15-day investigation, but they’re not telling us anything else. They’re not telling us if [the student with a weapon] is going to come here or not,” she mentioned. “I just want to make sure that, not only my son is safe, but the other kids in the school are safe.”

Pavon mentioned school officials gave her a kind that checks bullying, menace and intimidation because the alleged incident and permits her to modify faculties by way of the HOPE Program.

“I feel like the school is hiding stuff from me. They’re not telling me what weapon; my child was the one who told me,” she mentioned. “I’m upset because he was interrogated without me being present. Not only that, the way they sent me that notice, it just felt like a waiver, like, if you leave him here and something happens, it’s on you.”

The incident occurred simply earlier than Thanksgiving break, and Pavon mentioned her son hasn’t returned to school since.

“I can’t get in touch with anybody. I called the school district; they sent me to a voicemail, has no beep, has no nothing, no indication of whether I left a voicemail or not need, hangs up on me,” she mentioned, “so I mentioned, ‘I have to call Channel 7, and I have to do something, because somebody is going to have to give me some answers.’”

A spokesperson for the school district said they did find a bottle opener with a corkscrew and a blade in the student’s backpack, including they don’t tolerate any types of bullying. The spokesperson mentioned the school has issued applicable disciplinary penalties to the coed.

“I want my son to go to a school where he’s safe,” mentioned Pavon.

“I just want to go to a different school, because I don’t feel like I belong in the school, and I thought, like, they just do not want me here,” mentioned her son.

Pavon mentioned the school’s principal spoke with her, however she didn’t get the solutions she was in search of. Because of scholar confidentiality, she mentioned, school district officials are usually not capable of inform her whether or not or not the coed who had the weapon will return to Collins Elementary, and that makes her resolution as as to whether or nor to maintain her son in the school or have him switch much more troublesome.

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