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Strangers rush to rescue driver after car flips on slick roads

“It was pretty impressive to see San Antonians come together and do something inspirational, courageous,” stated a veteran who helped coordinate the rescue.

SAN ANTONIO — A daring rescue is caught on cellphone video. 

It reveals Good Samaritans speeding to save a driver Monday morning at Loop 410 close to Moursund Boulevard. Several strangers are seen within the video flipping a car over to save a life. 

The cellphone video was captured by a navy veteran who coordinated the rescue. John David Escobedo, with a damaged hand, was on his manner to the physician when he noticed the crash. He pulled over and began stopping different drivers to assist.  He stated his navy background as an incident commander paid off.

The wrecked car had landed on its roof after 8 a.m. Monday. Escobedo stated it went airborne.

“It hit the embankment, rolled over about 200 feet,” he stated.

Escobedo stated one other lady had already pulled over and was on the cellphone with 911. When he began to flag down others drivers, folks began to cease and pull over.

“I yelled, he is alive, “Escobedo said. He is alive. Someone is in here. Someone was trapped here.”

Currently, Escobedo has a damaged hand. However, he began to take management of the scene.

“Being qualified scene commander, I directed them what to do,” he stated. “I told them hey, we need to get this vehicle upright.”

In the video, you see at the very least up to 9 folks choosing up the car and flipping it over.

“I think once the adrenaline kicks in, you get that superhuman strength, “Escobedo said. “Once they opened the door, he was aware. He was alive.”

Escobedo stated they did not pull the driver out, and waited for EMS to arrive.

“The heroes this, Monday, morning definitely put their backs into it and flipped that car over for something that we all came in common for, a common goal we needed to help someone’s life,” he stated. “Save someone’s life. It was pretty impressive to see San Antonians come together and do something inspirational, courageous.”

The driver was taken to a hospital. Escobedo stated he was bleeding from his nostril and head. He was the one individual within the car. Escobedo stated he now desires to discover the driver and meet him.

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