State legislators looking to launch investigation into Gov. DeSantis’ migrant flights

MIAMI – Florida may be part of the Bexar Sheriff’s Office out of Texas in launching its personal investigation towards Governor Ron DeSantis for transferring migrants to Martha’s Vineyard.  

“We’re also looking at legal avenues to have the Department of Justice investigate some of the activities that we’ve had we’ve seen already that investigations have commenced in Texas,” Rep. Dotie Joseph advised CBS 4.

Joseph can also be questioning how the governor was in a position to pay for the flights.  

“Was it legal?  That is going to be an investigation that people are calling for; the funds that were used based on our understanding so far is interest from American Rescue Plan dollars,” she mentioned.

Speaking in Bradenton this Tuesday, Governor Ron DeSantis addressed his motivation behind final week’s transfer.

“Because it’s our view that borders should be secure and we want Biden to reinstitute policies like remain in Mexico, and make sure people aren’t overwhelming. But short of that if you believe in open borders then it’s the sanctuary jurisdictions who should have to bear the brunt of the open borders. So that’s what we’re doing,” DeSantis mentioned.

And there are nonetheless rising considerations that extra migrants may very well be moved.  “It’s not up to him, it’s a federal issue,” Adelys Ferro with the Venezuelan American Caucus mentioned

Ferro says these migrants have been going by way of the right channels.

“It’s about using people that is crossing the border, that are already here waiting for their hearings, for political asylum.  Those are people that already have rights. Even if he does it to just one that’s a human rights violation,” she mentioned.

Other Venezuelans say the transfer does not seem like it is geared toward serving to migrants.  

“I feel bad for the people that are coming into this country because I know they’re looking for opportunity.  I don’t approve” a Maricela Salas mentioned.  

Now the migrants who have been flown final week have come collectively to file a category motion lawsuit towards DeSantis.  They allege they got deceptive info and advised lies about the place they have been going.

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