Jack Duggan of the Silver Knights started taking more shots

Jack Dugan has had this vision when he joined the hockey team since the age of 5.

Do not be the man who does not pass through the puck.

It takes time for the Golden Knights forward to be comfortable enough to be selfish and to shoot when needed. It does not help that he is an influential playwright either.

But the Silver Knights coach has been open to using his shot recently on Dugan. The 23-year-old responded with his first two-goal game of season 9 on four shots of the season on goal.

The team hopes that this is just the beginning.

“If he does that, it opens up other areas of his game such as his passing, which is one of the strongest areas,” coach Manny Viviros said. “He’s got to continue to be a double threat. Not just a passer but a shooter.”

Dugan’s passing ability has long been a hallmark of his game. In the 2017 fifth round finals, Division I college hockey captured Providence with 42 in 34 games last season. He had eight more than the next player. He ranks second in the American Hockey League this year and fourth with 17 in 24 games this year.

The pass-first mentality can be a double-edged sword, however, especially on the power play. Defenders are not going to get close to them if they don’t think they are in danger of being shot. This affects the vacancy for the Silver Knights and makes it difficult for the Dugans to find the passing lanes.

One of his aspiring shooters forces opponents to come to him and opens up other areas of ice. In other words, shooting more will make him a better passer.

“I always like to pass first,” Dugan said on Tuesday. “Now I think that (23) games make me feel more comfortable and more comfortable shooting the puck. I think I have a good shot, and I think my teammates want me to Use it too. “

Dugan is effective when he shoots. He is eighth in the Silver Knights in goals scored (32) but has five goals for a shooting percentage of 15.6. If he pucks the net, he probably won’t be able to maintain that speed.

But his team will be happy with a possible trade-off.

“The team is finding out that she is not going to do the shooting, so they are taking it away,” Viveers said. “We’ve got him some time to shoot, so now they have to respect him.”

Compact stretch run

The pace of the Silver Knights schedule increases until the final month of the season.

The team played its first 24 matches in 63 days. It will play its last 15 in 32 days.

“This is an exciting challenge for us,” said center Jake LesShine. “We haven’t really seen a schedule like this year. But we all want to play in the NHL, and if you look at any of their schedules right now, it feels pretty much the same as the whole year. You get to see more and more. Must be able to adapt to more sports. “

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