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South Sudan diplomat accused of rape not yet facing fees, raising questions about diplomatic immunity

NEW YORK — A career diplomat from South Sudan residing in New York City is accused of raping a girl and not being charged.

CBS2’s Jessica Moore has extra on the case and the controversy surrounding diplomatic immunity.

The 24-year-old sufferer says she was strolling her canine round midday on Sunday when a Sudanese diplomat adopted her inside their shared condominium constructing in Upper Manhattan, compelled his means into her condominium, and raped her twice.

“Once people are diplomats and they have a certain status or even power, most of the time they’re used to getting away with things. I think that, if anything, if he does get sent home he should face penalties over there, if not be held, you know, be held in a court of law over here in the United States,” one individual mentioned.

Diplomatic immunity has lengthy been a degree of rivalry within the metropolis. The NYPD confirms it took the suspect in for questioning, however let him go when he declared his diplomatic standing.

“Certainly, there’s a lot of scofflawing activity at the UN. We can’t take the view that these people are just going to do whatever they’re going to do,” mentioned Dr. Joshua Muravchik of the Institute of World Politics.

In 2013, an Indian diplomat was arrested for mendacity on her nanny’s visa application and paying her slave wages.

But most diplomats go unpunished.

In the span of 5 years, the NYPD says United Nations diplomats have been cited for 150,000 parking tickets. None have been ever paid.

“The police are really handcuffed. They can’t do their full job because you’re not even really allowed to arrest or detain a diplomat, so they have to let them go,” constitutional legal professional Andrew Lieb mentioned.

In this case, authorized specialists say there could also be repercussions.

“The police are still supposed to investigate even if someone has diplomatic immunity. If it was a serious crime, the U.S. Department of State is going to ask Sudan to waive diplomatic immunity to start with, because it doesn’t belong to the diplomat; it belongs to the country. So they’re going to say, ‘Hey, can we prosecute this guy now?’ And if South Sudan says no, then they’re going to send him out of the country because you can’t stay here, even with diplomatic immunity, if you are a raper,” Lieb mentioned.

The Sudanese Consulate would not touch upon whether or not the diplomat continues to be within the nation. The State Department confirmed it’s now concerned and can decide the right way to proceed.

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