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Snapdragon CMO walks through tech & new-aged fan experience

Snapdragon says their objective is to make SDSU probably the most related campus within the nation on and off the sector.

SAN DIEGO — Snapdragon Stadium is greater than only a identify on the signal, the worldwide company is placing its digital thumbprint on the stadium.

The company is thought for it’s computer chips in cellphones, cameras and different electronics. “Snapdragon is a powerful little platform that fits on your pinky and makes amazing experiences come to life whether it’s a camera [or] gaming audio productivity and connectivity,” mentioned Don McGuire, Snapdragon CMO.

Snapdragon’s mum or dad company, Qualcomm ventured into stadium naming rights many years in the past in San Diego. “Qualcomm has been here for 35 years, founded here in San Diego. We make world changing technology right here in this community so why not put our name on this state-of-the-art stadium,” mentioned McGuire.

The 35,000 seat stadium would be the new dwelling for the San Diego State Aztecs soccer crew. 

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There’s a little bit of irony the place its previous life was Qualcomm Stadium, Snapdragon’s mum or dad company. “It speaks to the evolution of our business and Qualcomm as a company and the diversification strategy we have embarked upon and how Snapdragon has grown in relevance with different audiences around the world,” mentioned McGuire.

The CMO says the company is respiration new life within the stadium with a new-aged fan experience. “We are going to bring a little augmented reality to life for fans. In a one-on-one fashion we will have a gamification during halftime,” mentioned McGuire.

Augmented Reality generally known as AR will create a digital world contained in the stadium in actual time, however how remains to be hidden within the playbook. “Every fan in the stadium can participate in an augmented reality race. Team black and team red I’m going to leave the rest for opening day,” mentioned McGuire.

This experience will stretch past kick off on Saturday.

“We are utilizing our resources and our engineering services to help San Diego State architect a state-of-the-art connectivity experiences for both the fans here in the stadium as well as the campus at large,” mentioned McGuire.

Snapdragon’s objective is to make SDSU probably the most related campus within the nation on and off the sector.

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