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Six ways Russia launched an all-out propaganda war on Ukraine

Russia created a “disinformation and propaganda ecosystem” designed to unfold Vladimir Putin’s lie that folks dwelling in elements of Ukraine have been anticipating Russian rule.

A forthcoming bulletin from the US State Department’s Global Engagement Center, particulars how the coordinated marketing campaign has been used to again up the Kremlin’s navy “special operation” during the last six months.

Titled “Russia’s War on Ukraine: Six Months of Lies, Implemented,” it reveals how state media, social media, and public pronouncements from politicians have been utilized in an effort to “delegitimise” Ukraine, and “dehumanise” Ukrainians.

Putin’s playbook  

Putin has pursued a protracted and constant course of denying that Ukraine is a real nation, and that fashioned the inspiration for different elements of Russia’s disinformation marketing campaign.

He informed President George W. Bush that “Ukraine is not a country” in 2008.

In newer pronouncements he stated the Russians and Ukrainians have been “one people,” that Ukraine was “entirely created by Russia” and is an “inalienable part of” Russia. In February he even blamed Lenin for “creating Lenin’s Ukraine”.

“Over the past six months, Russia’s disinformation and propaganda machine has used Putin’s false claims as a blueprint for campaigns aiming to deny Ukraine its right to independence and even existence,” in accordance with the bulletin.

Weaponisation of maps  

Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Security Council, and the previous president of Russia, used maps to unfold Kremlin propaganda.

He posted on Telegram earlier than and after maps exhibiting Ukraine lowered to simply the realm round Kyiv.

It confirmed the remainder of Ukraine divided amongst Russia, Poland, Romania, and Hungary.

The caption learn: “In President Zelensky’s drugged-out brain the picture of his nation’s bright future may look like this, but Western analysts think that in reality it will be this.”

The state division bulletin famous how Medvedev included reference to “supposed ‘Western analysts'” as a manner of “propagating Russia’s colonial fantasy”.

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