San Diego protesters rally against Roe V. Wade reversal

Many wish to know what’s subsequent after the courtroom’s choice, however that will probably be decided by the every state.

ESCONDIDO, Calif. — Demonstrations are taking place all throughout California and the nation this weekend following the Supreme Court’s ruling overturning abortion.

In Escondido, dozens of individuals took to the streets Saturday to protest the historic choice.

“We’re all super lucky that we get to live in a blue state where we don’t necessarily have to worry about it as much as other people, so we’re here to use our voices for those who don’t have a choice and whose future are at risk,” mentioned Bella Leath.

“I think this is only the beginning and its insane to me that we just keep going back and back and back… and it’s like, seriously, how much farther can we go?,” added Kaitlyn Hand.

The San Diego Party for Socialism and Liberation organized the rally and members say the time for change is now.

“It’s really unacceptable that unelected people are allowed to make this decision for millions and millions of women. Half of all the birthing-age women in the U.S. are going to lose access to abortion cause of this decision, so we’re out here to say this is undemocratic,” mentioned Anzy Mcwha, organizer for the Party for Socialism and Liberation.

Many wish to know what’s subsequent after the courtroom’s choice, however that will probably be decided by the every state.

“What will happen now is we’re going to actually see in practice how these states are going interpret their own state legislation and then act accordingly and so to your question about ‘who might be subject to criminal liability,’ it depends on the state and their domestic legislation,” mentioned William Aceves, Professor of legislation at California Western School of Law.

Aceves says that gained’t come with out challenges.

“The challenge of course, is going to be how much power do states have to regulate of women in their jurisdictions to leave those states to seek reproductive healthcare assistance in other jurisdictions, in other states. And that’s probably going to be one of the future battlegrounds for litigation,” added Aceves.

But Aceves says it’s doable for the courtroom to look into different rights. This comes after Justice Clarence Thomas mentioned the courtroom ought to rethink future instances, together with similar intercourse marriage, contraception rights, and even the best to oldsters to regulate the upbringing of their kids.

“All of those rights, at least under justice Thomas’s approach or perspective, would no longer be subject to heightened constitutional protection,” mentioned Aceves.

Aceves says even when the courtroom had been to rethink future instances, it will take years earlier than that occurs.

“Any decision that would impact these other fundamental rights would take some time their way through the legal process. And so we would have an ample notice before those cases were ever presented to the court and we would have an opportunity to respond during the litigation process,” added Aceves. 

WATCH: What’s subsequent after historic Roe V. Wade ruling? (June 2022).

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