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San Diego hospitals treating an influx of heat-related illnesses

The heatwave has been persistent all weekend lengthy, and many individuals in San Diego County are feeling the results.

SAN DIEGO — Many individuals are feeling the results of this excessive heatwave.

“It’s a dangerous level of heat out there and many people are dehydrated and having some issues,” stated Sharp Memorial’s Emergency Room Dr. Keith Yablonicky.

Yablonicky stated he has personally taken care of 5 to 6 sufferers coping with warmth exhaustion this weekend which is way increased than regular.

“Usually we see zero this time of year, so 1 patient out of 60 or 5 to 6 out of 30; this is significantly an increase percentage wise,” Yablonicky stated. 

The heatwave has been persistent all weekend lengthy.

On Saturday, medical crews introduced out stretchers for followers experiencing warmth exhaustion on the Aztecs season opener at Snapdragon Stadium in Mission Valley. The temperature at kickoff was 100 levels, the most well liked in recorded historical past for an SDSU soccer sport.

Monica Munoz, Media Services Manager for the City of San Diego SD Fire-Rescue- Communications Department instructed CBS 8: 

“There were several patients treated at Snapdragon Stadium. AMR and SD Fire-Rescue provided medical aid.”

To keep cool, 68-year-old Ellen Citrano spends simply half-hour enjoyable and swimming in her pool. 

“This is amazing and scary. We’ve never had temperatures like this,” stated Citrano. “Most of us don’t have A.C. here because we’ve always had great cross ventilation.”

She not too long ago had a coronary heart transplant and determined it was time to place A.C. in her unit. 

“Its taken a year to recover from that. We felt air conditioning was a lot more conducive to my healing and getting better,” Citrano stated. 

As the warmth continues, anybody over 60 years outdated can go to the Gary and Mary West Senior Wellness Center downtown. It is a delegated cool zone. 

“The heat is dangerous for everyone, particularly older adults and it’s especially dangerous for anyone living on the streets. Come in to a center like this one and get out of that punishing heat,” stated Gayle Falkenthal, spokesperson for the non-profit Serving Seniors. 

To keep secure on this warmth, make certain to observe these straightforward ideas. 

“If you’re out in the sun, it’s not going to take a lot for your body to feel dehydrated. Wear a big hat and if you are outside, don’t be out there any longer than 20 minutes. Stay out of the sun. Stay cool and drink plenty of water. It’s important to remember alcohol and caffeine dehydrates you,” stated Dr. Yablonicky. 

He additionally says indicators of warmth stroke or warmth exhaustion can embrace feeling faint or fatigue or sweating within the warmth after which not sweating. 

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