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San Antonio Food Bank CEO says inflation, high gas prices posing challenges

SAN ANTONIO – Gas prices and inflation are hurting all of us otherwise, but it surely’s additionally hurting San Antonio organizations working to assist others.

The San Antonio Food Bank serves 90,000 individuals each week and the rise in prices is just not making their work simpler.

Eric Cooper, president and CEO of the meals financial institution, joined Leading SA Sunday to clarify.

“Well, for us at the food bank, it’s all about logistics. It’s getting food from those that have it to those that need it. And so supply chain expenses, things like fuel, are a key ingredient into that. And so as those prices go up, it just costs us more to do our business. And where we see the biggest impact is honestly with the families that we serve, many of them because of inflation, of energy, not just fuel, but utility prices. The fact that it’s been over a hundred and their utility bills are increasing, their kids are out of school for the summer. Rent may have gone up, and so their paycheck just isn’t going as far,” Cooper stated.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, the meals financial institution noticed a rise in demand. It appeared prefer it was slowing, however now that want is choosing again up once more.

“It’s meant that we just haven’t had the supply to meet the demand. And the demand is going up as the economy is kind of feeling these effects. We’re seeing more and more families and we want them to know that we’re going to be there for them. I think our strategy right now is just rationing what food we have a little thinner to make sure that nobody goes without,” Cooper stated.

Cooper added that it will be very appreciated when you might assist through donations or volunteer work.

“Boy, San Antonio, you’ve always come through for us. And I think we could really use it right now,” Cooper stated.

And this summer season, there are particular packages geared toward serving to native kids.

“Kids are amazing, and they should be having fun this summer and not worried about their next meal. And so, we have a summer food service program that has food. Breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks at many locations throughout the city,” Cooper stated.


You can join that occasion right here:

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