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Researchers work to create a drug or vaccine for RSV

A variety of dad and mom could also be questioning if there’s any treatment or a vaccine that may both assist deal with or stop the respiratory virus.

Three-month-old Ivy was at Rady Children’s for greater than a week.

“My wife and I were trading 24 hour shifts. We spent a total of eight days in the hospital,” mentioned James. James mentioned Ivy was given air stream to assist her breathe extra simply.

Beyond that, there was not far more medical doctors may do, besides monitor and provides her time to heal, which she did. Turns out, by the age of two, virtually each baby will get RSV.

In most instances, it’ll seem as a frequent chilly and go away by itself, although relaxation and fluids will assist, as will over-the-counter medicine in case your baby is age acceptable.

But for infants like Ivy, it may be extra critical and lead to respiratory points, which is why she wound up within the hospital.

Dr. Davey Smith, the Chief of Infectious Diseases and Global Public Health at UCSD says whereas there’s no authorized remedy for RSV, there are antivirals for RSV being investigated.

Right now, Rady Children’s is working with Pfizer on planning medical trials. But a timeline hasn’t been set.

Researchers are attempting to create one, which some consider might be obtainable within the subsequent year or two.

CBS 8 requested Dr. Smith, given how lengthy RSV has been round, why do not we’ve got a vaccine for it like we do for Covid which is a new virus?

“These are viruses that are not easy to make a vaccine for, Covid or RSV and Covid was at a time when there was lots of people dying so there was a lot of political will and money attached to getting those trials done very quickly,” mentioned Dr. Smith.

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