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Price-checking grocers for Thanksgiving ingredients as grocery prices skyrocket

CBS 8 is Working for You that will help you price range how a lot Thanksgiving dinner will price you this year as grocery prices skyrocket.

SAN DIEGO — As grocery payments enhance, turkeys gobble up lots of your Thanksgiving price range this year, you might save relying on the place you store for sure ingredients for your favourite dishes.

CBS 8 shopped for a household of 4 at Albertson’s, Walmart, and Northgate.

Albertson’s turkey: 0.69 per pound for members or $1.47 per pound for Butterball.

Walmart turkey: $1.68 per pound for Butterball

Northgate turkey: $1.29 per pound Butterball

Green Bean Casserole (canned beans, cream of mushroom soup, and fried onions):

Sweet potato casserole (canned yams, mini marshmallows):

Mashed potatoes and gravy:

If you acquire a 12-pound turkey, your whole price:

Albertson’s: $42.27-$51.63

If you could have a Costco membership, we additionally checked prices there over the weekend:

0.99 per pound for Butterball Turkey 

$7.69 40 oz scallop potatoes 

$13.99 40 oz cranberry stuffing 

$7.79 2/32 oz trays mashed potatoes 

Walmart is honoring its 2021 prices on turkeys and different staples such as stuffing, gravy, potatoes, and pumpkin pies.

Aldi matches Thanksgiving ingredients such as candy potatoes, frozen greens, rolls, and apple pie with its 2019 prices till November 29. 

CBS 8 is Working for your pockets all season lengthy. On Tuesday, Abbie Alford compares the price of Thanksgiving at house to eating out.

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