Police were called to Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx’s dwelling, say husband claimed she slapped him

CHICAGO (CBS) — Police final week were called to the house of Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx for a home incident that her husband claimed turned bodily and concerned her slapping him, in accordance to a police report.

Foxx denied to officers that she slapped her husband, and advised police she solely put her palms on him in an effort to get him out of the home.

CBS 2’s Jermont Terry has been digging all week into how police dealt with this name for assist.

A Flossmoor police report obtained by CBS 2 stated Kelley Foxx, the State’s Attorney’s husband, called police to their dwelling within the south suburb shortly after 10 p.m. this previous Saturday to report a home incident. Before arriving, a dispatcher advised officers that the incident was bodily, however there were no accidents “yet,” the report stated.

Kelley and Kim Foxx were standing on the entrance step of the house when officers arrived, the report stated. Kelley Foxx advised the officers that his spouse had gotten indignant about one thing he did that was posted on Facebook, and she “asked him to leave and he refused.”

He advised officers that his spouse then “became physical,” and stated she blocked him from leaving a rest room and had grabbed his collar, the report stated. Kelley Foxx additionally advised police his spouse additionally snatched away his online game controller and threw it down.

An officer reported that Kim Foxx was inside earshot when her husband was recounting his story of occasions, and she stated, “All of that is true,” the police report stated.

Kelley Foxx additionally claimed that his spouse had slapped him. An officer reported asking him the place, and he stated, “left cheek,” the police report stated. An officer reported utilizing a flashlight to study Kelley Foxx, and didn’t discover any redness, swelling, or different indicators that he had been struck, the report stated.

The officer reported telling Kelley Foxx that there were no obvious marks on him, and Kelley Foxx replied that he simply wished to be left alone, the report stated. 

On home violence calls, officers should hear to each side – particularly that of the complainant. The officer requested Kelley Foxx if he felt secure in the home, and he stated he wished to “make sure someone understand what is happening here,” the report stated.

The officer requested Kelley Foxx to clarify additional, and he stated Kim Foxx was being bodily aggressive and he wished it to cease, the report stated.

Meanwhile, a Flossmoor police sergeant talked with Kim Foxx, who stated she and her husband had a quarrel and she wished him to go away, the report stated. The sergeant then walked over to Kelley Foxx and the opposite officer, and Kelley Foxx repeated that he simply “want(ed) it to stop,” and stated, “She can’t come in my personal space and put her hands on me,” the report stated.

An officer additionally talked with the couple’s 19-year-old daughter, who stated she heard a disagreement, however did not see something and could not inform what was happening, the report stated.

Kelley Foxx advised an officer he wanted to decide up his different daughter from her workplace, and he left, the report stated. Afterward, Kim Foxx stated she did put her palms on her husband, however stated it was “only to help guide him out of the house” and she stated she by no means slapped him, the report stated.

The officer requested Kim Foxx if she felt secure within the dwelling, to which she replied, “I mean, he’s not crazy,” the report stated.

Within days of the 911 name, CBS 2 turned conscious from our police sources that police had responded to the State’s Attorney’s home.

We submitted a public data request to Flossmoor police for the total report, calls of service, and all physique cameras worn by officers that day.

We waited, so CBS 2’s Jermont Terry went to the Flossmoor Police Department himself – as a result of the police chief was not returning any of his calls.

At the police station, Terry was requested if he had submitted a Freedom of Information Act request. He identified that he had performed so the day earlier than, and had additionally left a message for the police chef that day – in addition to a message for the chief’s administrative assistant a day later.

A clerk on the police station stated the chief had obtained all of the FOIAs and wouldn’t be responding besides via FOIA.

Twenty-four hours after Terry made the go to, Flossmoor’s police chief did reply. He denied the discharge of physique digital camera video of the incident, citing privateness – but he did launch the narrative of the police report.

Kim and Kelley Foxx advised officers they’ve been collectively greater than 20 years and have by no means been bodily, and Kim Foxx stated she believed her husband solely called police to damage her, the report stated.

No one was arrested, and neither Kim nor Kelley Foxx selected to go away the home for the evening, the report stated.

The report stated this was the primary time Flossmoor police had responded to a home name involving Kim and Kelley Foxx.

The officer additionally wrote that whereas engaged on a report on the incident, an investigator from Foxx’s govt safety unit confirmed up on the Flossmoor Police Department and suggested police might contact him in the event that they wanted something, the report stated.

The State’s Attorney’s office launched the next assertion:

“This is a personal family matter.  Please provide State’s Attorney Foxx and her family with respect and privacy.”

On Friday night, Kim and Kelley Foxx additionally launched an announcement:

“This is a personal family matter, and we ask that you provide our family with respect and privacy.”

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