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Philly Frank’s Steaks owner secretly rooting Padres!

Padres followers beware: Delicious cheesesteak store in San Marcos is Philadelphia robust.

SAN MARCOS, Calif. — Just about in all places you go in San Diego County individuals are rooting for the Padres, aside from one. In this Zevely Zone, I went to San Marcos to go to Philly Frank’s Steaks. Philadelphia stands out as the City of Brotherly Love, however they’re the enemy this week. I believed why not make a fuss as I walked within the cheesesteak store chanting, “Here we go Padres, here we go Padres!”

I used to be met by boos on the door. I knew Philly Frank’s was Philly pleasant however who knew it was such a San Marcos stronghold? Before I knew what was occurring, Philly fan Keith Keller put a Philly Jersey over my Padres outfit.  “What’s happening here? I’m melting,” I shrieked.  

San Diego County’s greatest cheesesteak comes filled with peppers and Philly angle. “How are you?” I requested to Linda Soper who replied, “It’s been a long time.” Tell me about it, the Padres are again within the hunt for a World Series title. She and her husband Frank are the homeowners of Philly Frank’s Steaks. They are Philadelphia born and raised. All of their meals nonetheless comes from Philadelphia. “Everything our rolls, everything, our peppers, everything,” mentioned Linda. The sandwiches are genuine and so are the individuals.

I requested buyer Matt Morris who he was rooting for. “Phillies,” he mentioned with a powerful vibe. Next up I spoke to Shawn Evans. “I am a Phillies fan.” We have been standing in entrance of a giant image that confirmed Dr. J wringing Larry Bird’s neck. Ha, ha, ha,” laughed Shawn. “It’s a memorable photograph.”

There was additionally a big poster of Rocky Balboa who was the final word underdog. “You guys are a six seed, we are a five seed. We are both underdogs,” I mentioned to Linda.  “We are both underdogs, but our Eagles are 6-0,” replied Linda.

I knew if I took the shoot into further innings. I’d finally discover pleasant fireplace. “I’m rooting on the Padres,” mentioned Dana Kohl who’s married to a Philly fan. Brian Shaw can be married to a Philadelphia lady. “I am a San Diego Padre fan, native San Diegan. Go Pads, but I married a Philly girl, so we are a house divided,” mentioned Brian.  

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As for Linda Soper, she has been a San Diegan for 35 years. Although she is aware of who butters her bread, San Diego has grow to be her house away from house. She informed me she is secretly rooting for the Padres. “Yes, ha, ha, ha, but please come and eat here,” mentioned Linda.

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“The Philly cheesesteak is still a winner, but the Phillies are losers,” added Brian Shaw. “The goose is on the loose,” mentioned Dana Kohl. If you possibly can’t comply with the Padres to Philadelphia, Linda invitations you to return seize a cheesesteak in San Marcos and watch a recreation on their massive display screen TV. For extra data click here

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