Pagani thumbs its nose at electrification, unveiling all-new V12 Utopia

It’s been 11 years since Horacio Pagani unveiled a brand new automobile mannequin, and boy has the world modified. Pagani, alternatively, has not. The all-new Utopia eschews the electrical in favor of V12 theatrics, gentle weight, and a usually steampunk inside.

This is just the third automobile Pagani has constructed, after the Zonda in 1999 and the Huayra in 2011. Not that you simply’d realize it – these small-run supercar factories positive know the best way to squeeze a lemon. Wikipedia lists no fewer than 12 mannequin variants of the Zonda, in addition to 34 completely different particular editions. The Huayra will get away with simply seven variants and a a lot much less jubilant 14 particular editions. So the casual observer might be forgiven for pondering these guys launch new vehicles like they alter their underpants.

Not so. The tempo is hand-built and glacial. So to dyed-in-the-wool Paganisti, immediately is an enormous day, even when the remainder of us might need to squint to ensure we’re not wanting at one other tarted-up Huayra. The constructive technique to spin this is able to be to say that Pagani has settled on a powerful design language, and that the Utopia is “unmistakably Pagani.” Which it actually is.

From the entrance, nicely… It appears to be like an terrible lot like a Pagani


“The alchemy of pleasure, the equation of beauty … What would be important for the next Pagani hypercar,” asks a florid press launch. “Horacio Pagani certainly had his own ideas, but he asked his closest clients, those who eagerly await each of his creations, to express their wishes. They already had exceptionally fast and beautiful cars, what were they still missing?”

Cup holders, that may’ve been my guess. Either these, or less complicated instances when supercar makers weren’t all the time attempting to get them on the telephone asking how greatest to bilk extra hundreds of thousands out of them for extra storage jewellery. But no! While some may think their solely lack is of lack itself, these fabulously wealthy survey respondents made their heady wishes crystal clear: “simplicity, lightness and the pleasure of driving.”

Really? That’s all? Pagani may’ve supplied these individuals an Ariel Atom, smashed this temporary out of the park and knocked off for a ciggy. But he did not. That’s why he is Horacio Pagani, and I’m simply Loz Blain, and also you, expensive reader, are (hopefully) neither of these issues. No, Pagani knew what he needed to to. He needed to go in opposition to the grain. With the world zigging towards electrification, the actually courageous must zag. Batteries? Those aren’t easy, or light-weight, or pleasurable – nicely, relying on what you place them in, I suppose.

A car like this cannot possibly be launched without an orchestra. Bassoons, people, this calls for no less than bassoons.
A automobile like this can’t presumably be launched with out an orchestra. Bassoons, individuals, this calls for a minimum of bassoons.


No, the brand new automobile was going to want the simplicity and lightweightness of a 5.9-liter, twin-turbo, 60-degree Mercedes-AMG V12 engine, its hundreds of delicately synchronized, however assuredly very simplistic, transferring components able to spinning its crank some 6,000 instances per minute. This motor makes 864 horsepower (635 kW) and at least 1,100 Nm (811 lb-ft) from 2,800 rpm upwards. And none of your fancy dual-clutch transmissions, both. Pagani would have none of this witchcraft. Pure guide, or a 7-speed “automated manual,” that is what you will get, and by gum you will prefer it.

It’s acquired digital suspension. It’s acquired a “carbo-titanium” and “carbo-triax” monocoque chassis. It’s acquired large Brembos and large solid rims, 21s at the entrance and 22s at the rear. It’s acquired a cabin as aggressively difficult as a Roland Iten belt buckle, that includes an aesthetic that is only a few copper tubes and valves shy of steampunk. It’s acquired a four-port exhaust that may’ve been edited out of the theatrical release of Cats.

When the Utopia faces away, there's a clear feeling of disdain that will be familiar to cat owners
When the Utopia faces away, there is a clear feeling of disdain that will probably be acquainted to cat homeowners


Let’s be critical for a second. Naturally, you possibly can’t have one. Heavens no. Pagani’s solely making 99, they usually’re all already offered, at costs someplace north of US$2.5 million, to individuals who have been knowledgeable about this trinket lengthy earlier than you have been. Instead, you will have to attend for the inevitable gaggle of particular editions to drop, at which level you possibly can’t have these both. So all of the lofty lyricism of Pagani’s press launch can in all probability be distilled into the phrase “nerny nerny ner ner,” or the Italian equal.

Still, very like the proprietor of a gentleman’s membership, Pagani is pleased to let you look at Utopia, so long as you do not contact it, by way of the photograph gallery and the video beneath. Very sporting of him.

Pagani Utopia

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