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Only on 2: Newark businesses said they warned about potential flooding and were ignored

NEWARK, N.J. – Several New Jersey businesses were compelled to shut after main flooding. 

The business house owners say they warned this could occur, and now need to know who’s going to repair it. 

It wasn’t the Monday the house owners of Madre & Son Soulfood Cafe in Newark were anticipating. They were unable to open, as a result of flooding. 

The water additionally rushed into the adjoining household business on Commerce Street, Ashley’s Delicious Treats. 

“It’s horrible. There’s so much damage here, it’s going to take us months to straighten it all out,” said Madre & Son co-owner Yolanda Burke. 

Burke says she feared this could occur, after watching a pipe leak over the previous few months. 

“The same leak that we told the owner of the building about. The same leak they swept under the rug,” Burke said. 

She claims the owner despatched somebody out in September, however it was by no means truly mounted. As it received worse, she says she contacted the realtor and constructing proprietor. 

“I sent them an email which said we’ve spoken about this leak several times over the last couple of months and its becoming a hazard,” Burke said. 

“You sent this email October 25th. Have you gotten a response?” DeAngelis requested. 

“I have not gotten a response,” Burke said. 

It’s not simply two businesses that were impacted. A 3rd, which is within the means of opening, was additionally affected. 

“There was a river of water washing over,” said Kevin Taylor, director of LGBTQ companies for NJCRI, a nonprofit opening a youth heart within the space. “It’s really disappointing for us, because we were probably a week maybe two from opening, and we’re probably back a month at least getting the water out.” 

An worker with the parking storage above, Edison ParkFast, stopped by. She refused to talk with DeAngelis, however spoke with Burke. 

“They confirmed it was the sprinkler system, and they need to change that because it had a hole in it. Not telling us what were going to do while we’re out with this flood, destroying pretty much everything,” Burke said. 

Hoping she will get solutions as to who will repair it quick, so the businesses can reopen, and get their staff again to work. 

We reached out to the owner, realtor and Edison, however haven’t but heard again. 

A spokesperson with town confirmed the sprinkler system malfunctioned and will ship an inspector to research. 

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