New Jersey Democratic Rep. Tom Malinowski Loses Tight Reelection Race

New Jersey Democratic Rep. Tom Malinowski is projected to lose his House seat, giving Republicans a prize that they had been focusing on for months of their pursuit to take again the House of Representatives.

Republican rival Tom Kean Jr. defeated Malinowski in a race that each events handled as a precedence. Malinowski raised over $7 million and acquired assist from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and outdoors teams, whereas Republicans spent over $10 million to advertise Kean.

Malinowski’s loss has massive implications for Washington’s dialog about world affairs. As a former human rights activist and State Department official underneath President Barack Obama, Malinowski is among the Democratic Party’s most influential advocates for upholding America’s said values in its international coverage. He has urged a troublesome line in opposition to Russian President Vladimir Putin and pressured fellow Democrats, most notably President Joe Biden, to demand higher conduct from repressive U.S. companions like Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

Discussing the Saudi authorities’s homicide of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, Malinowski instructed HuffPost final year: “We always take it upon ourselves to make the problems [the Saudis] cause go away for the sake of the relationship, when that burden really should be on them.”

Malinowski was first elected in 2018 as one of many many nationwide safety figures who entered politics as Democrats to fight Trump. He held on to his seat by a slim margin when Kean first ran in 2020, then confronted a more durable battle this election cycle after New Jersey Democrats redrew their state’s congressional map in 2021, making the district considerably extra conservative.

On financial coverage, Malinowski is a transparent reasonable. But that didn’t cease Kean, whose father was previously New Jersey governor, from attacking the incumbent as supportive of an allegedly excessive Democratic agenda, whereas Kean’s allies highlighted questions over Malinowski’s stock trades.

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