Motorcycles in Buffalo Bayou Park in Houston, Texas

A runner stated he needed to get out of the way in which as greater than 30 bikes took up the whole path.

HOUSTON — Trails meant just for pedestrians and bikes have been taken over by bikes Monday evening and it was caught on video.

“I was coming back from a walk or run,” Evan Lewis stated.

He’s the one who shot the video of the motorcade. He stated he first heard the engines earlier than seeing the bikes move by him in Buffalo Bayou Park.

“Without overestimating, in all probability between, like, 30 and 40 of those little bikes coming down the path behind me,” Lewis stated.

The bikes took up the whole path as Lewis stated he tried to get out of their approach.

“I don’t think they were looking where they were going,” Lewis said. “And there’s a couple of tight turns and hills where, even if you’re coming around too fast on a bike, you can come up on someone pretty quickly.”

There are indicators all through the park reminding guests that motorized automobiles aren’t allowed. That contains electrical bikes or scooters, that are way more of a difficulty.

“But the motorcycles were really a shocker,” vice chairman of exterior affairs for Buffalo Bayou Partnership Karen Farber stated.

Buffalo Bayou Partnership is the group that manages the park and strongly discourages individuals from not following the foundations which, in many instances, might also be violations of metropolis ordinances.

“What these riders have been doing is extremely unsafe on trails which have bikes and pedestrians,” Farber stated.

Lewis stated he posted movies on social media to, if nothing else, make individuals conscious.

“I don’t want to get anyone in trouble,” Lewis stated. “I simply assume that there are already not sufficient protected areas to run or to cycle in city. So I’d identical to to maintain areas which can be protected now protected for, , cyclists and runners.”

Officials stated safety shall be on heightened alert relating to bikes on the paths. It’s one thing prohibited in most different parks as nicely.

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