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More buses with migrants from Texas border arriving Friday in New York City

NEW YORK — More buses with migrants taken from the Texas border will arrive Friday in New York City. 

When the buses arrive at Port Authority Bus Terminal, the migrants will be capable to meet with bilingual reps earlier than the difficult technique of discovering them housing begins, CBS2’s John Dias reported. 

“Imagine traveling from Texas on a bus with limited resources and then coming to New York City, getting off that bus with nothing,” stated New York City Social Services Commissioner Gary Jenkins. 

It’s as much as Jenkins to feed, dress and discover lodging for the asylum seekers. Jenkins didn’t maintain again in an unique interview with CBS2’s political reporter Marcia Kramer

Exclusive interview with NYC social companies commissioner Gary Jenkins


“They’re getting off the bus dehydrated, some need medical attention. We even had a person that came here, tested positive for COVID,” stated Jenkins. 

The numbers are astounding. Nearly 6,000 migrants have arrived right here by busloads despatched by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

While New York City is a sanctuary metropolis, the asylum seekers are overloading a confused housing system with 50,000 homeless folks in metropolis shelters each evening. 

Now, the Department of Investigations is wanting into how Jenkins is dealing with the method. He might have violated the legislation after a handful of migrants have been pressured to spend additional hours in a Bronx consumption middle. 

Families should be positioned by 4 a.m. in keeping with a legislation handed years in the past when the middle was infamous for making folks sleep on the ground for days. Some allege Jenkins tried to cover this up. 

“It’s false. That’s a false allegation,” stated Jenkins. “Within an hour, I let the deputy mayor know that we had four families that were not placed by 4 a.m. My personality and my work ethic is not to hide anything.”


Jenkins stated he and town are working onerous to offer assist and already opened 13 accommodations for additional beds. 

Since so many individuals want a roof over their heads, the Adams administration issued an emergency solicitation looking for bids for as much as 5,000 models in business accommodations and different amenities which have to have the ability to present companies on a 24-hour discover. 

“We’re hoping that they come to us with locations, with viable locations. We’re not going to place individuals into, you know, secondary standard type of locations,” stated Jenkins.

Jenkins stated the Adams administration can be dedicated to serving to the migrants with job coaching and college for his or her kids. 

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