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Monkeypox virus may be transmissible through sexual contact

SAN ANTONIO – The United States Surgeon General is saying the brand new outbreak of the monkeypox virus is one thing we have to be conscious of, however not essentially to fret about.

That’s one thing San Antonio-area medical doctors agree with.

Dr. Vivtek Murthy, the US Surgeon General, stated we must always be looking out for extra instances, however as of now there’s just one within the nation and it’s in Massachusetts.

Beyond that, no instances of monkeypox have been reported in Texas or the South.

There is a cluster nevertheless in close by Canada and fairly a couple of in European international locations similar to Spain.

The preliminary signs are conventional, very like the flu virus, and even Covid-19. Fever, headache, muscle and backaches, fatigue and chills. It’s what occurs in about three days that’s the true downside. That’s when a rash develops, which continues to bloom into lesions.

Fluid from these lesions and extended shut contact are the 2 methods monkeypox spreads. But this time there’s one other challenge that medical doctors are investigating.


In the handfuls or so instances in Europe, none of them seem to be related to a visit to Africa, the place the virus is understood to originate, however somewhat through sexual contact.

Doctors like Dr. Tess Barton, University Health Pediatric Infectious Disease Specialist, stated that’s shocking.

“That’s not a normal previously-described method of transmission of this particular virus, but it does make sense because it requires, you know, kind of close face-to-face contact,” she stated.

It may be transmitted if an contaminated particular person’s physique fluid attaches to cloth like sheets or clothes. Once you will have signs, it’s necessary to get checked out by a health care provider.

“These viruses, they can cause pneumonias and other more severe complications and they do have a fairly high fatality rate. Perhaps 10% or so of people may die with monkeypox,” stated Barton.

The an infection tends to final for a couple of weeks and may depart scars. But there’s some excellent news. If you will have acquired the smallpox vaccine, you probably received’t get monkeypox since they belong to the identical household of viruses. That stated, the truth that most international locations not challenge widespread smallpox vaccines anymore, a window of recent alternative for the virus may have been discovered.

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