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Is Recasting a Mortgage Loan a Better Option Than Refinancing?

While many owners are acquainted with the choice of refinancing their mortgage, not all householders perceive mortgage recasting. This could also be as a result of not all lenders supply recasting or re-amortizing, and never all debtors are eligible. However, the method might prevent money in two methods: by decreasing your month-to-month mortgage cost, and by permitting you to keep away from the associated fee to refinance.

Essentially, a mortgage recast signifies that whereas your curiosity rate and your mortgage time period stay unchanged, your month-to-month mortgage cost is decreased to replicate your precise present mortgage steadiness. For instance, if you happen to’re 6 years into a 30-year mortgage, when you recast your mortgage, you’ll nonetheless have 24 years remaining to pay it off. For recasting to work, lenders require a further lump sum cost to scale back your steadiness. The dimension of that extra cost impacts how a lot it can save you with a mortgage recast. However, as an alternative of recasting, you might pay a lump sum towards your current mortgage, which might lower your steadiness, however not cut back your month-to-month mortgage cost.

How Loan Recasting Works

Loan recasting could make sense if you happen to inherit money (or obtain a important bonus at work) and want to apply it to the steadiness in your mortgage. Because you cut back the steadiness forward of schedule, you finally can pay much less curiosity. This then allows lenders to recast your mortgage, or recalculate your month-to-month mortgage cost.

Individual lenders have completely different necessities for mortgage recasting. For instance, some lenders require a lump sum cost of $5,000 or 10% of the mortgage – whichever is bigger – to scale back the steadiness earlier than qualifying somebody for a mortgage recasting.

If you will have a $400,000 mortgage at 4% curiosity for 30 years, your month-to-month principal and curiosity funds could be $1,910. If you pay the mortgage for 10 years, your remaining mortgage steadiness could be $315,136. A lump sum cost of 10% of the remaining mortgage steadiness could be $31,554, bringing the steadiness to $283,582. In this case, the month-to-month funds would scale back to $1,718. However, take into account that whereas saving $200 monthly in your mortgage cost is a worthwhile objective, additionally, you will have spent a important amount of money to attain that discount in cost.

Of course, lenders do cost a small charge for mortgage recasting, which is commonly as little as $250.

Determining Eligibility

Loan recasts are allowed on typical, conforming Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loans, however not on FHA mortgage loans or VA loans. Some lenders recast jumbo loans, however take into account them on a case-by-case foundation.

In order to qualify for a mortgage recast, you have to be present in your mortgage funds, and have the money essential to pay down your principal steadiness. A credit score verify and an appraisal should not vital.

Determining Loan Eligibility

Advantages of Loan Recasting

  1. Reduced Payment. By recasting your mortgage, you’ll be able to ease your money circulate with out the expense of a house refinance, which may require an expenditure of as a lot as 6% of your mortgage steadiness. In truth, in some circumstances, what could be spent on the refinance might be used to scale back your steadiness sufficient to qualify for a mortgage recast.
  2. No Appraisal Required. Unlike a house refinance, a mortgage recast doesn’t require an appraisal. If your own home has dropped in worth, you might not be eligible for a refinance, since most lenders solely refinance a house with not less than 5% to 10% in fairness.
  3. No Credit Check Needed. Loan recasts usually don’t require credit score approval. If you will have credit score points and can’t qualify for a refinance, you should still qualify for a mortgage recast.

In one particular case, mortgage recasting will be significantly helpful. If you’re a house owner who has bought a new house earlier than promoting your present house, you could briefly have to pay two mortgages. Once you will have bought your earlier house, you should use the revenue from that house sale to pay down your mortgage steadiness and recast your mortgage to make the funds extra inexpensive. Many householders intentionally plan to make use of mortgage recasting for this objective when shifting from one house to a different. Just do not forget that you usually want to attend 90 days after your mortgage goes to settlement earlier than you’ll be able to recast it.

Disadvantages of Loan Recasting

Before you resolve to recast your mortgage, you’ll be smart to judge it within the context of your complete monetary plan. Some of the disadvantages of mortgage recasting embrace:

  1. Ties Up Cash. If you will have a lump sum of money, be sure that paying down your mortgage is the very best use of that money. For occasion, in case you have high-interest bank card debt, it is best to completely pay that off first. If you lack an emergency financial savings fund or have to put aside money for different bills, it’s in all probability greatest that you just not put your complete windfall towards paying down your mortgage.
  2. Doesn’t Reduce Mortgage Term. You also needs to take into account mortgage recasting within the context of your retirement. Many older householders hope to repay their mortgage earlier than they retire. However, a mortgage recast is not going to shorten your mortgage time period, though it might enhance your money circulate. If your objective is to scale back your mortgage steadiness, switching to biweekly mortgage funds or just making common further funds to your principal could also be a higher choice than a mortgage recast.
  3. Doesn’t Reduce Interest Rate. If you’re paying a excessive curiosity rate, a refinance could also be a higher choice. A lender can examine the prices and month-to-month funds on a refinance and a mortgage recast to find out which is the very best match for you.

Final Word

Loan recasting isn’t for everybody, however in case you have further money, seek the advice of your lender to see if this technique of decreasing your month-to-month cost is best for you. If you’re a house owner who’s promoting one house and shifting into one other, you might very nicely profit from a mortgage recast. Those who personal a house with decreased worth or have credit score challenges may profit extra from a mortgage recast than refinancing.

Can you consider different situations by which a mortgage recast could be a smart monetary transfer?

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