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How to Remove a Stucco Popcorn Ceiling and Update Your Home

Popcorn ceiling is the bumpy-looking ceiling therapy residence builders used from the Fifties to the Eighties to enhance acoustics and masks ceiling flaws. Also referred to as “cottage cheese ceiling” and “stucco ceiling,” the popcorn end began falling out of favor within the late Eighties and early Nineties as a result of some formulations contained asbestos.

Disdain for popcorn ceiling gained momentum within the 2000s when owners began to acknowledge these ceilings are ugly, outdated, and have a tendency to appeal to mud and grime. Many owners who reside in older properties are actually hiring contractors to take away the dingy texture from their houses.

If you’re bored with your ceiling trying like cottage cheese, it is likely to be time to scrape off the popcorn texture. Thankfully, you don’t want to hire an costly contractor for the project.

The Benefits of DIY Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Popcorn ceiling elimination is messy and time-consuming, so it isn’t for the faint of coronary heart. It includes scraping away current texture, re-texturing the ceiling, and then portray the completed product. But so long as you’re prepared to put forth the hassle, this messy project isn’t very tough or technical.

The major reward of DIY elimination is the substantial financial profit. According to Homewyse, you may anticipate to pay a contractor $0.71 to $1.25 per sq. foot for popcorn ceiling elimination and re-texturing. For a 1,500-square-foot residence, that quantities to roughly $1,500, with the prices growing considerably for bigger houses. On the opposite hand, you are able to do it your self for not more than a couple hundred {dollars} – good for a house owner on a funds.

Removing popcorn ceiling additionally pays off if you attempt to promote your own home. While a popcorn-less ceiling might not improve the worth of your own home, it vastly enhance its marketability. A marketable residence tends to retain extra curiosity, promote quicker, and gather extra of its authentic asking worth than houses with out fascinating updates.

Supply List

Before you begin scraping and re-texturing, head to your native ironmongery store and buy the next objects. The included worth estimate is predicated on mid-range objects from a nationwide ironmongery store:

  • Plastic Drop Cloths. Once you begin scraping the ceiling, chunks of texture and grit will fall onto the ground and furnishings. Buy a number of plastic drop cloths you should utilize to defend your furnishings and flooring. You can at all times substitute previous sheets, however provided that you’re prepared to throw them away post-use. If you employ a sheet or drop material that isn’t waterproof, be further cautious when it comes time to spray the ceiling. Estimated price: $10 for a pack of six.
  • Painter’s Tape. Use this to safe drop cloths. Estimated price: $3 per roll.
  • Ladder. Depending on the peak of your ceilings, you could want a small stepladder to attain the popcorn. Estimated price: $50.
  • Protective Gear. Expect texture to fall on you. Protect your self with security glasses, a face masks, and rubber gloves. Estimated price: Less than $10 for all three.
  • Pump Sprayer. Before you begin scraping, use a pump sprayer, which moistens and loosens the feel. Estimated price: Less than $20.
  • Ceiling Texture Scraper. Opt for a mannequin that helps catch among the falling texture to cut back mess. Estimated price: $20.
  • Drywall Compound (Joint Compound). Expect to restore parts of the ceiling after scraping off the feel with drywall compound. Also, use the compound to create the ceiling’s end – both {smooth} or textured. Estimated price: $8 for one gallon, which covers about 100 sq. ft.
  • Sanding Sponge. If you employ drywall compound for repairs, a sanding sponge helps degree out the compound. Estimated price: $2 apiece.
  • Putty Knife and Utility Knife. The putty knife is for making use of the compound, and the utility knife is for cleansing up dried, tough edges. Estimated price: $15 for each.
  • Large Trowel for a Smooth Finish. If you need your ceilings to have a {smooth} end, use a giant trowel to apply the drywall compound as soon as the feel is eliminated. Estimated price: $5.
  • Texture Sprayer for a Textured Finish. If you need your ceilings to have a textured end, however don’t need to do the feel by hand, use a texture sprayer. Avoid the acquisition worth by renting one for a day. Estimated price: $50 for a one-day rental.
  • White Ceiling Paint. To full the project, paint the ceiling to present a protecting seal. One gallon of ceiling paint covers up to 300 sq. ft. Estimated price: $25 per gallon.
  • Paintbrushes. If you’re portray your ceiling by hand, buy paint rollers and paintbrushes to full the job. Estimated price: $15 for a package deal of required provides.
  • Paint Sprayer (Optional). If you’re doing a couple of room, think about renting a paint sprayer as an alternative of utilizing brushes or rollers. A paint sprayer can velocity the portray course of significantly. Estimated price: $25 to lease for the day.

Diy Popcorn Ceiling Removal

How to Remove Popcorn Texture

1. Protect the Space

Take the time to carry out the prep work vital to sufficiently defend your space. This makes a large distinction when it comes time to clear up on the finish of the project, and it additionally limits your publicity to dangerous chemical substances.

  • Test Your Ceiling for Asbestos. This is crucial step of your project. If your texture was utilized earlier than 1979, have it examined for asbestos earlier than you do the rest. You can discover an asbestos inspector by visiting the Environmental Protection Agency website for a itemizing of your state’s inspectors. If your ceiling has asbestos in it, scrap your DIY plans and hire a contractor to correctly handle the asbestos.
  • Remove Items From the Space. Move your furnishings out of the room for the simplest clear up.
  • Position Drop Cloths. Place drop cloths throughout each portion of the ground, taping them to the bottom molding to forestall gaps. If you’re solely doing one room, think about taping a drop material to the door to forestall mud from escaping (for those who do that, be sure to open a window).

2. Moisten the Texture

Moisten the popcorn texture to decrease mud and loosen it from the drywall. Some folks simply use a spray bottle to mist the ceiling, however a pump sprayer makes the method a little simpler.

  • Fill the Sprayer. You don’t want any particular components. Water works simply positive.
  • Moisten Five Square Feet at a Time. Lightly spray a small, 5 foot sq. prior to scraping. Don’t use an excessive amount of water, as that may harm the underlying drywall. If the feel doesn’t scrape off simply, spray a little extra water on the feel.
  • Wait 10 Minutes. Allow the feel to absorb moisture for about 10 minutes prior to scraping.

3. Scrape off the Texture

When the water soaks in sufficiently, the feel ought to fall proper off the ceiling with a fast scrape.

  • Put on Protective Gear. Put in your gloves, face masks, and security glasses earlier than scraping.
  • Scrape in a Small Square. Start scraping within the space you moistened. Use your ceiling scraper for ease.
  • Use Your Putty and Utility Knives. For texture within the corners and by the molding, scrape with a putty knife. For further cussed areas, attempt utilizing a utility knife for elimination.
  • Complete the Room. Continue moistening small areas, permitting the water to soak in, then scraping the feel till all the pieces’s eliminated.
  • Wipe Down the Ceiling. Use a moist paper towel to wipe down the ceiling. This removes any remaining mud residue.

Remove Popcorn Texture

How to Refinish Your Ceiling

Unfortunately, you’re not fairly completed with the project. Once you’ve completed eradicating the popcorn texture and wiping down the drywall, wait 24 hours earlier than refinishing the ceiling. The 24-hour wait interval permits the ceiling to dry.

1. Repair Drywall, If Needed

Sometimes scraping away ceiling texture leaves the underlying drywall broken.

  • Use Your Putty Knife to Fill Blemishes With Drywall Compound. Imagine you’re frosting a cake – with agency, regular strokes, fill blemishes to depart a {smooth} end. Firmly glide the drywall compound throughout the floor, making it as {smooth} as doable to keep away from the necessity for further sanding.
  • Wait at Least Four Hours Before Sanding. Once the holes are crammed, look ahead to the compound to dry earlier than sanding tough edges together with your sanding sponge. Put on a face masks and security glasses earlier than sanding.

2. Apply Drywall Compound

Now that the popcorn texture is eliminated and the ceiling is repaired, you want to apply a new texture to defend the drywall.

  • Consider Protecting Your Walls. If you didn’t drape your partitions with drop cloths, think about defending them now by taping drop cloths alongside the molding. This is very vital for those who’re utilizing a texture sprayer.
  • Wear Protective Gear. Although you don’t have to put on your gloves, face masks, and goggles, think about gearing up to defend your self from falling compound or from growing blisters in your arms.
  • Option 1: Apply a Thin Compound Layer for a Smooth Finish. Working in small squares, use your trowel to scrape a skinny layer of drywall compound throughout the ceiling. You can attempt for a fully {smooth} end, or go for a fashionable semi-smooth texture. If you go for a semi-smooth texture, use a rented texture sprayer for the proper look. The texture sprayer permits you to skip the step with the trowel.
  • Option 2: Use a Texture Sprayer for a Semi-Smooth Finish. If you’d favor a semi-smooth texture (like an orange peel), lease a texture sprayer to get the proper look. Protect your partitions with taped-up drop cloths, then load the feel sprayer’s gun hopper with joint compound and join the spray gun to the air compressor. Adjust the strain of the air compressor to the specs within the handbook, then spray the ceiling from a distance of roughly three or 4 ft. Spray in a {smooth} and even sample, related to what you’d do with a can of spray paint. Check your work periodically to be sure to’re not lacking any spots.
  • Work Meticulously Across the Ceiling. It might take a whereas to get the grasp of it, however you’ll shortly find out how to use the trowel or texture sprayer effectively. Keep shifting in small sections till all the ceiling has a skinny layer of drywall compound.

3. Paint the Ceiling

Allow the brand new drywall compound to set for at the least 24 hours, then use white ceiling paint to give your ceiling a clear, crisp end.

  • Protect Your Walls and Floors. Even for those who’ve managed to keep away from utilizing drop cloths to this level, defend your room from paint drips by utilizing them now. If your drop cloths are already in place, double-check to ensure there aren’t any gaps or tears.
  • Use a Sprayer or Brush to Apply Ceiling Paint. Load your paint sprayer with white paint, or pour the paint into a pan for hand application. Spray or roll the paint methodically in small sections. The rollers and brushes may prevent a couple bucks, however think about renting a paint sprayer for those who’re masking a giant space. The paint sprayer saves you time and the bodily discomfort of attempting to paint above your head.

Final Word

If you’re enthusiastic about beautifying your own home and boosting its worth with easy DIY tasks, popcorn ceiling elimination is only one place to begin. Other low-cost tasks that supply a fast property face-lift embrace repainting your partitions, refinishing your cabinetry, or changing dated lighting fixtures.

Besides the cost-savings concerned, you could discover that placing within the laborious work truly will increase your enjoyment of your own home. If you’re on the fence about renovating or relocating, a easy DIY project will help you see your present residence with new eyes.

Have you tried eradicating popcorn ceiling? What further ideas are you able to provide?

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