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Dividend Discount Valuation Model for Stocks – Formula & Example

One of the issues that traders face within the stock market is determining the worth of the shares through which they’re contemplating investing. Comparing a stock’s worth to its market value permits traders to find out if a share of stock is being traded at a value that’s better or lower than its precise worth. There are a wide range of ways in which traders try and worth shares, however one of many oldest and most elementary is the dividend low cost mannequin.

The dividend low cost valuation mannequin makes use of future dividends to foretell the worth of a share of stock, and relies on the premise that traders buy shares for the only function of receiving dividends. In principle, there’s a sound foundation for the mannequin, however it depends on quite a lot of assumptions. Nevertheless, it’s nonetheless usually used as a way to worth shares.

Let’s check out the idea behind the dividend low cost mannequin, the way it works, and if and when it’s best to use it to judge whether or not to buy a stock.

Theory and Process Behind the Valuation Model

Rational traders put money into securities to make money. The idea behind this mannequin is that traders will buy a stock that may reward them with future money funds. Future dividend funds are used to find out how a lot the stock is value at the moment.

In order to make use of the mannequin, traders should accomplish a couple of issues:

1. Approximate future dividend funds

This just isn’t at all times a straightforward job, as a result of firms don’t supply the identical dividend payouts every year. Dividends are the shares of earnings that companies select to redistribute to their shareholders. Corporations differ these funds, however as a rule of thumb traders often assume that companies redistribute a given share of their earnings to their shareholders. Of course, this raises the extra problem of forecasting future earnings, which is often achieved by forecasting development or decline in gross sales and bills over future years. Then they will calculate the quantity of money that’s anticipated to be paid out within the type of dividends and divide that by the variety of shares excellent to find out the quantity of dividends every investor is paid for each share they personal.

2. Determine a reduction rate for future funds

Determining the worth of a share of stock isn’t so simple as including up all future dividend funds. Payments made within the close to future are significantly extra invaluable than these made in later years because of the time worth of money. Imagine that an investor plans to speculate for a 5 year horizon. The funds he receives after the primary year may be reinvested for 4 years, whereas the funds he receives after 5 years can’t be reinvested. Therefore, the funds he receives in a single year are much more invaluable. Investors want a technique of discounting the worth of those dividends. This is achieved by figuring out a required rate of return for traders, which is often assumed to be the quantity of money they may earn investing within the stock market as an entire (often approximated with the estimated return of the S&P index) or a mix of investing in shares and bonds yielding the present rate of curiosity.

3. Apply the calculations for the mannequin

The equation for the dividend low cost mannequin is:

dividend discount model

In this mannequin, P represents the current day worth of the stock, Div represents the dividends which can be paid out to traders in a given year, and r is the required rate of return that traders anticipate given the chance of the funding.

In addition, the worth of a company whose dividend is rising at a perpetual fixed rate is proven by the next perform, the place g is the fixed development rate the company’s dividends are anticipated to expertise for the period of the funding:

dividend constant growth

Using these two formulation along with one different, the dividend low cost mannequin supplies for a simple approach to worth a share of stock based mostly on its anticipated future dividends.

man calculating financial statement with laptop and notes

Example of the Dividend Discount Valuation Model

ABC Corporation is paying dividends of $2 per share. Investors anticipate a rate of return of 8% on their funding. Dividends are anticipated to develop by 5% for one year after which 3% every year thereafter. Applying the low cost mannequin utilizing the 2 formulation above, the worth of the funding may be calculated in every interval:

  • Year 1. The worth of the funding for this time-frame is $2.00/1.08 = $1.85.
  • Year 2. Dividends for this year have grown to $2.10 per share based mostly on the 5% development rate. The worth of the funding for this time period is predicted to be value $2.10/(1.08)^2 = $1.80
  • Constant development worth. According to the fixed development equation listed above, the fixed development worth of a share of stock is $2.10/(0.08-0.03)= $42.

Value of a share of ABC Corporation. The worth of a share of stock is calculated through the use of the 2 formulation above to calculate the worth of the dividends in every interval: (2.00)/(1.08) + 2.10/(1.08)^2 + 2.10/(0.08 – 0.03) = $45.65 per share.

Compare to a worth of a present share of stock. This is an important a part of the mannequin. If a share of stock is buying and selling at lower than $45.65 per share, the stock is underpriced and so they can revenue by buying it. If the stock is buying and selling at greater than $45.65 per share, they are able to revenue by quick promoting the safety.


There are three main the reason why the dividend low cost mannequin is a well-liked valuation approach:

1. Simplicity of Calculations
Once traders know the variables of the mannequin, calculating the worth of a share of stock may be very simple. It solely takes just a little little bit of algebra to calculate the value of stock.

2. Sound and Logical Basis for the Model
The mannequin relies on the premise that traders buy shares in order that they will receives a commission sooner or later. Even although there are a variety of causes that traders might buy a safety, this foundation is right. If traders by no means acquired a cost for their safety it wouldn’t be value something.

3. The Process Can Be Reversed to Determine Growth Rates Experts Predicted
After wanting on the value of a share of stock, traders can rearrange the method to find out the dividend development charges which can be anticipated for the company. This is beneficial in the event that they know the expected worth of a share of stock however need to know what the anticipated dividends are.


Although many traders nonetheless use the mannequin, it has turn out to be so much much less in style lately for a wide range of causes:

1. Reflects Rationality, Not Reality
The dividend low cost mannequin relies on the idea that traders put money into shares which can be most probably to pay them probably the most. Although that is the best way that traders ought to behave, it doesn’t at all times replicate the best way traders truly behave. Many traders buy shares for causes that don’t have anything to do with the company’s monetary position or its future dividend funds. Some traders buy a company that occurs to be extra glamorous or fascinating. This usually explains why there’s a discrepancy between a stock’s intrinsic worth and the precise market worth.

2. Difficulty Determining the Variables that Go into the Model
The dividend low cost mannequin is easy to make use of. However, it’s tough to find out the numbers that go into it, which might yield inaccurate outcomes. Companies are sometimes unpredictable with their dividends, so forecasting them for this mannequin is tough. It can be very tough to estimate the longer term gross sales of a company, which influences a company’s talents to keep up or develop dividends.

3. Dividends Aren’t the Only Way Earnings Have Value to Investors
Investors could also be primarily involved with dividends, however all earnings are nonetheless owned by traders. Dividends solely symbolize the share of earnings {that a} company chooses to pay out. Retained earnings are nonetheless owed to traders and nonetheless depend in direction of their wealth. This is why newer fashions consider the general money stream of a company, not the quantity that’s paid again to traders.

4. Investor Bias
Investors generally tend to verify their very own expectations. This signifies that most traders are going to provide you with their very own values for a stock since most of the inputs listed here are considerably subjective. Only those that can drive themselves to be goal are prone to discover correct variables for the mannequin.

5. Sensitive Valuation Model
This mannequin may be very delicate to small adjustments in enter variables. Therefore, it may be simple to unintentionally determine a safety as being overpriced or underpriced if you’re barely off together with your estimate of particular enter.

6. Useless for Valuing Stocks with No Current or Near-Future Dividend Payments
As talked about earlier, traders can solely obtain worth from a company that may pay them dividends sooner or later. However, some firms don’t at present supply dividends at a given time and aren’t anticipated to within the close to future. A decade in the past, Microsoft had by no means paid a dividend, however was one of the vital profitable shares ever. Investors knew the worth behind the company and that they may obtain dividends in a while. However, the dividend low cost mannequin would have been a ineffective option to attempt to worth the stock.

stressed young man operator looking at graphs on computer screens

Final Word

The dividend low cost mannequin is a logical and rational try and approximate the worth of a company’s stock. In a simulated world, investing in a stock based mostly solely on the worth of their future dividends can be an ideal system.

Unfortunately, it isn’t at all times a dependable indicator in the actual world. Investors are sometimes irrational and variables are tough to foretell. These are challenges that each one valuation fashions should cope with. Even if variables similar to future dividends could possibly be forecast precisely, it might nonetheless be unattainable to know the true worth of a share of stock within the market. However, traders should no less than make an try and approximate a stock’s worth earlier than investing in order that they will make an informed resolution.

Have you used the dividend low cost mannequin to worth a stock? What had been some execs and cons based mostly by yourself personal experiences?

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