Migrant flights: Gov. DeSantis doubles down while facing legal challenges

MIAMI – Miami-Dade State Senator Jason Pizzo has filed a request for an emergency injunction asking a Tallahassee decide to forestall Governor Ron DeSantis’ administration from utilizing state money to pay for any extra migrant flights.  

Senator Pizzo advised CBS4 that Desantis had no proper to make use of Florida money in the way in which that he did. 

He additionally despatched CBS4 a press release saying, “The Governor had legislators carry and pass bills (SB1808 and Section 185 of HB5001) that were crafted to suit his agenda, and that he signed into law. And yet, he still can’t comply with the requirements and restrictions.” 

The transfer comes at a time when the White House totally expects and is getting ready for extra teams of migrants to be despatched to Democratic cities by Republican Governors Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis.

On Thursday, Governor DeSantis doubled down on his choice.

“No one really cared about that on the national media perspective until 50 show up in Martha’s Vineyard and you got to ask yourself, on this okay, why is that such a big deal but it wasn’t a bit deal with some 50 migrants died in a shed in Texas,” mentioned DeSantis.

DeSantis says the migrants had been moved on a “voluntary basis.”

However, a lawyer representing a few of these migrants who’re suing Governor DeSantis in a category motion lawsuit says they had been misled and the governor broke a number of legal guidelines.

“The federal constitution to begin with that has protections against illegal seizure, against deprivation of liberty, it has protections for due process. The constitution also makes immigration a Federal matter so there is interference in an area that is under exclusive federal control. So, there were many different laws that were broken by this fraud and deceit,” mentioned legal professional Oren Sellstrom.

Lawyers representing the migrants say they’re the victims of a political stunt. 

DeSantis spent about $600,00 to fly the migrants from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard. 

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