Miami Proud: Miami teacher John Stimson has a passion for educating his students

MIAMI – John Stimson teaches anatomy, in addition to physics to students at Miami’s Design and Architecture High School, or DASH, with a passion that’s a fixed in his lengthy, intensive career. 

He is the longest-employed teacher in Miami Dade County Public Schools.

A Miami native and graduate of Miami Beach High, Stimson’s first job was at Palmetto Junior High in 1966 educating what was then ‘new’ math. 

He would then work at Mays Middle School in Goulds, throughout a pivotal and risky time in United States historical past.

“I was teaching at the time when we went through the process of integration. That was a very difficult time not only for the students but the teachers as well. Teachers were only allowed to go to the parking lot in pairs. Tires got slashed and all kinds of things that you don’t want repeated really,” he vividly recalled.

From there, he went to Miami Senior High educating physics from 1972 to 1982.  

One pupil, of many, recollects the affect he had on her.  

Magaly Abrahante is an assistant superintendent for MDCPS and he or she remembers her time in his physics class clearly.

“He had all this equipment that did crazy fancy and things that we loved. I Ended up becoming a biology teacher and a math teacher So obviously his influence played a part in that.”

Stimson took on an administrative function for a number of years too.

“We were introducing computerized instruction to students for whom English was their second language and computers were very interesting.”

He even retired as soon as, however it did not stick.

“I said ‘I might as well go back to being teaching,’ because I enjoy what I do.”

He provides an instance.

“When you are teaching and you look at a student and you see a question on the student’s face and you know that they don’t totally understand and when you go and explain it, then they smile and say, ‘I’ve got it!'”

His students not solely get him, however in addition they love him.

Student Abel Reyes stated he’s ‘just like the grandpa of DASH,’ and Valeria Rodriguez stated he’s actually humorous and really enthusiastic about what he teaches.

Stimson calculates that he is taught round 5,000 students, and he does run into them generally.

“When you see someone whose life you have touched and left a memory in them about yourself and that is rather gratifying.”

He thinks one cause he has fared so nicely has at all times embraced new technology.

He recalled when computer systems had been first launched to the varsity system to generate students’ schedules and now you see he makes use of YouTube movies in his instruction.

He will likely be again at school this fall for one more batch of recent students. 

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