Miami Proud: Marine biologist recovers from life-changing incident with remarkable determination

MIAMI – In November of 2020, CBS4 first featured Kemit-Amon Lewis, the athletic marine biologist was visiting the Broward Health crew that saved him after a near-death expertise.

He skilled a uncommon bacterial an infection, of unknown origin, that led to septic shock, organ failure, and subsequent amputation of his proper leg, proper hand, left fingers and left toes. 

His journey as an amputee was simply starting.

“One of the first things that they did was reassure me was that I would be diving again I would be on the tennis court, be dancing again,” mentioned Lewis.

Initially, he must re-learn all the essential day by day duties: getting dressed, getting out and in of the wheelchair, cooking, driving, and ultimately studying to make use of the prosthetics to stroll, dance, and play sports activities.

He lives independently, having surpassed so many challenges.

Since that point, he is began a brand new job in ocean conservancy and received a brand new roommate – an cute French bulldog pet.

There is not a lot he cannot do.

He has a number of prosthetic gadgets, together with a regular arm attachment with a hook, a hand for enjoying tennis that may be a racket attachment, and legs for strolling and operating.

With spirit and determination – by way of two years of making use of and appeals – he received approval for a significant improve, a high-tech prosthetic referred to as a My Electric Hand.

“I’m fortunate to live in an era where the advancements are so insane. We do have things like electric hands, and we have new technologies where they can implant sensors directly into your nerve to control five fingers independently,” he mentioned.

He defined how this hand permits him to do issues that the hook did not.

“There is a key grip, I can change it to finger grip – you don’t think about things like going to the gas station you insert your card to the pump how do you get it out? The finger grip helps, the hook doesn’t,” Lewis shared.

The crew at Hanger Clinic: Prosthetics and Orthotics in Hollywood have been instrumental.

“They’ve been great about designing Pickleball paddles getting me back to sports, my leg for running, my tennis racket, my adjustment sports,” mentioned Lewis.

He has prosthetics fitted and adjusted and has constructed fairly a report with the workers.

“He’s an amazing individual,” mentioned Brett Rosen, clinic supervisor, and licensed prosthetist.

“He has come a long way in a very short period of time and he’s very inspirational to our patients that come through our office.”

“I like to think that I part of the family they are definitely a part of my family,” Lewis mentioned.

But might they get him diving once more?

Lewis defined how that may be tougher.

“They needed to create a leg with a hydrologic ankle that’s waterproof that will allow me to kick my fin underwater- and allow me to flex it so I can step out of the ocean onto the boat via the water.”

The new diving leg was constructed, and he not too long ago took the plunge into the gorgeous Bahamian waters.

“It was just as if I was riding a bike,” he recalled how the whole lot went good with the brand new prosthetic and was extraordinarily memorable.

Lewis mentioned there have been “wrecks and a wall and sharks, turtles, and everything that you would want to see on a dive.”

He additionally mentioned that from pictures, marine science, dance, and tennis, it is about residing life to the fullest and having fun with it.

Lewis has gone diving everywhere in the world with his former job working in coral restoration. 

While he nonetheless does not know for certain the place he encountered that micro organism, it hasn’t deterred him from his ardour for saving the ocean.

And given all he has discovered he’d prefer to encourage different amputees to advocate for themselves, and he is been invited to speak with engineers in robotics about his expertise too.

He could be very grateful for all of the assist he is been given.

“I’m able to continue to navigate this new chapter of my life without feeling if I don’t have all the tools that I need. I think that’s the biggest thing that Hanger Clinic has helped me with.”

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