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Mayor Eric Adams speaks out about transit crimes after two close calls on the subway

NEW YORK – Mayor Eric Adams spoke out Friday about the latest surge in transit crime, particularly after two close calls on the subway

CBS2’s John Dias has extra on what he is saying have to be achieved, and the way New Yorkers are reacting. 

“Murders are down. Shootings are down. Forty seven percent increase in arrests in our subway system,” Adams stated. 

Adams painted a special image than how New Yorkers really feel about sure crimes citywide, utilizing stats, fairly than feelings – however he is aware of:  

“Until New Yorkers are feeling safe, we’re not going to be successful,” he stated. 

Alluding to crime on mass transit, which is up nearly 41%, he says sure folks affected by untreated psychological well being issues are partly in charge. 

“That is why it’s imperative we strengthen our Kendra’s Law, and that’s one of the things we’re going to call for when Albany returns,” Adams stated. 

The harmful actions occurring beneath the metropolis are actually more and more changing into a prime concern for a lot of New Yorkers. 

“I’m scared, and I have my son and daughter take the train, and my daughter takes the train late at night, and it’s getting bad,” stated Patsy Guillaume of East New York. 

“It’s getting really rough out there,” stated commuter Debra Wynter.



Thursday morning, a person used what’s believed to be a sheath – the case that covers a sword – to hit one other man in the head at the Chambers Street subway station. It occurred after the two argued on an uptown A practice. 

Twelve hours prior, in a separate incident, Sammi Tovar says his girlfriend saved his life. 

“I wouldn’t be up here talk to anyone if it wasn’t for her,” Tovar stated. 

Police say a person attacked the couple on a 2 practice Wednesday night time. Tovar says it was unprovoked and the suspect used a knife to nick him in the finger and stab him in the leg. His girlfriend then used her pepper spray to combat him off. 

“She sprayed it right in between his eyes. A really good shot. And he was rubbing his eyes and then he left. He disappeared into the crowd,” Tovar stated. 

Police say in each of those latest subway incidents, the suspects are nonetheless on the free. 

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